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Numerous portfolio projects are being orgaized in conjunction with the conference.  These portfolios will be presented in the Exhibition Hall of the Radisson New Orleans, on Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday.

Portfolio organizers will be available to answer questions about the portfolios during the presentation periods. Presentation periods are timed to allow conference attendees to see the portfolios before and after sessions held one floor up in the Tulane Room and concurrently with the Product Fair in the same hall.  Generally two portfolios will be shown at a time. Portfolio organizers will be responsible for setting up and putting away their portfolio ten minutes prior to the next exhibition period. Portfolios will be shown on folding tables covered with white paper.  No portfolios will be framed. Portfolio organizers are asked to use a time separate from the presentation period to distribute their portfolios to participants.

Below is a schedule listing portfolio themes, organizers and participants in each portfolio:



"Bite Me: A Mordacious Visual Rumination"
Organizer: Adriane Herman, Kansas City Art Institute
Statement: "Bite Me: A Mordacious Visual Rumination" brings together a group of artists who are creating mordant multiples today.  Some of those who have been invited utilize images of food in their work, or consider less literal aspects of consumption.  Others rely on mordants such as ferric chloride, nitric acid, and dutch mordant to fix images in/on repeatable matrices such as metal and stone.  Many of the "Bite Me" artists express a caustic sense of humor and/or create biting commentary on our sociopolitical conundrums.  Those who have agreed to participate feel that the title applies to some aspect of the visual language, conceptual issues,
and/or process(es) that currently engage them.
Participants: Lynne Allen, Shauna Alterio, Laura Berman, Lisa Bulawsky, Charlie Cohan,
Craig Dongoski / Pam Longobardi (collaborating), Tom Druecker, Bill Fick, Tony Fitzpatrick, Michelle Grabner, Beth Grabowski, Melissa Harshman, Julia Hechtman, Adriane Herman, Tracy Honn / Diane Fine (collaborating), Heather Hoover, Matt Hopson-Walker, Mark Hosford, Tom Huck, Michael Krueger, Jennifer Mahlman, Phyllis McGibbon, Mandy Mastrovita, Hugh Merrill, Johnny Naugahyde, Jamie Pawlus, Ellen Price, Brian Reeves, John Risseeuw, ROTO, John Schulz, Margie Simpson, Sergio Soave, Scott Teplin, Rochelle Toner,
Mark Wagner, Mark Wilson

"Taboo X"
Organizer: Larry Schuh, McNeese State University & University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Statement: Forbidden worlds, prohibitive actions & unacceptable things are all open game
in Taboo X, a small (10"x10") but powerful collection of prints. Over 40 artists involved in this project have come together to express personal, social, historical & fantastical taboo flavors for this gumbo mix in New Orleans. The prints are housed in a folio box custom-made by Jace Graf, Cloverleaf Studios, of Austin, Texas.
Participants:  Lawrence Anderson, James Bailey, John Boyd, Dan Britton, Wendy Calman, Christopher Carr, Tom Christison, Teresa Cole, David Driesbach, John Driesbach, James Ehlers, Oscar Gillespie, Beth Grabowski, Karla Hackenmiller, John Hancock, Chris Holbrook, Brian Johnson, April Katz, Garry Kaulitz, Heather Kelley, Brian Kelly, Kurt Kemp, Wayne Kimball, William Kitchens, Leslie Koptcho, Lynwood Kreneck, Michael Krueger, Beauvais Lyons, Kathryn Maxwell, Lloyd Menard, John Pizzuto, John Risseeuw, Joe Sanders, Larry Schuh, Bradlee Shanks, Jeff Sippel, Mark Sisson, Rochelle Toner, Adrian Van Suchtelen, Art Werger, John Whitesell.



Organizers: Amanda Yopp, Arizona State University, and Kate Clapper, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Statement: The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Arizona State University come together in a print portfolio exchange entitled "Impromptu." This portfolio exchange is made up of twenty-seven students, professors, and affiliates from UW and ASU including
John Hitchcock, John Risseeuw, and Andy Rubin. The theme combines the spirit of jazz with printmaking. In jazz, improvisation is the ability to create new music spontaneously. The musician is no longer just playing the music but composing it. While printmaking is
traditionally believed to be methodical, it has an unpredictable nature that drives printmakers. This element of surprise works collectively with improvisation. To create an element of spontaneity one restriction was given to the participants: each must create a varied edition in which one component remains constant while others change and evolve. Each participant will receive a set of twenty-seven prints in an archival portfolio case. The remaining portfolios will be distributed to The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Arizona State University, and Southern Graphics Council archives at the University of Mississippi.
UW Participants: Kate Clapper, Michael Connors, Ada Gonzalez, Dusty Herbig, John Hitchcock, Amanda Knowles, Talicia Lerfald, Janet Marcavage, Amy Newell, Heather Page
Carol Parker, Sarah Rentz, Andy Rubin, Justin Strom, Lenore Thomas, Amanda Yopp
ASU Participants: Brent Bond, Jennifer Bortz, Karen Fiorito, Margaret Lawson, Patrick Mayton, Kathryn Pinto, John Risseeuw, Gretchen Schermerhon, Joe Segura, Kathy Sheehan, Paul Woods

Organizer: Jenni Freidman, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Statement: Throughout our lives as artists, while cultivating a passion and fascination
for printmaking, certain voices resonate. These voices, unique for each of us, have provided continual support, guidance and inspiration. From these bearers of all printmaking's secret magic we learned the subtleties of the craft, cultivated an appreciation for paper, ink, metal, wood and stone, and grew with an understanding of both the rich history of and contemporary issues in printmaking. Because our art and lives have been embellished by traces these artists have impressed upon us, the Lincoln Print Group is assembling a portfolio entitled Palimpsest. As defined in Webster's New World Dictionary a palimpsest is "a parchment that has been written upon several times, with previous erased texts still partly visible". The graduate students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have invited their mentors to participate in this (11 x 15 inch) portfolio that honors the voices that have truly left an indelible mark on our hearts, heads, hands and work.
Participants: Denise Brady, Brian Curling, Robert Erikson, Richard Finch, Jenni Freidman Cheryl Gokey, Melissa Haviland, Michael James, Karen Kunc, Jim Lee, Richard Mash, Phyllis McGibbon, Bonnie O'Connell, Debora Oden-Meza Kyle Olsen, Kathy Puzey, Joesph Ruffo, Lauren Schiller, Judy Stone Nunneley, Barbara Tettenbaum, Pamela Tye Horne, Lori Wegener, Ross Zirkle.


"Common Culture"
Organizers: Traci Molloy, Independent artist - Atlanta, and Kristin Powers Nowlin, Clarion University
Statement: Common Culture, while open to broad interpretation, implies an interest in the issues of race and class stereotypes in Southern culture. The portfolio will focus on emerging print artists, including independent print artists, artists from outside the traditional academic printmaking world, artists that have recently received their MFA degree, and professors in their first five years of full-time teaching. In addition to the two organizers, there will be 22 artists in the portfolio. An edition of 25 will be produced, and the extra portfolio will be donated to the Southern Graphics Council Archives at the University of Mississippi. The prints will be 15 x 20 inches and open to any archival print media.
Participants: Kristin Nowlin, Traci Molloy, John Hitchcock, Emily Puthoff, Jennifer Reeder, Kojo Griffin, Heather Marr, Robin Bernat, Pete Walls, Elizabeth Hanneman, Deborah Lader, Kim Laurel, Carrie Iverson, Katy Hernandez, Melissa Haviland, Anita Jung, Kevin Sipp, Mat Rappaport, Art Jones

Organizer: Yvonne Leonard, Savannah College of Art and Design
Statement: A portfolio comprised of collaborative prints  developed between individual printmakers and other artists or individuals working in  any other media or fields. Expanding on the traditional collaboration between artist and printer participants will  work together to produce a single print that reflects the vision of both and the influence of each. Each pair of
participants will be contributing  jointly  on the conceptualization and execution of  an  image to  be realized in a variety of print media. The nature of the collaboration and execution is up to the two participants and  includes a range of methods  from the exquisite corpse to a traditional  broadside, to  illustration,  to a call and response. The collaborations  include  musicians,  painters,  ceramists, sculptors, architects,  and writers,  linking printers with  those in
other areas of visual arts and fields of interest. such  as science, literature,  social studies, and medicine. The individual portfolios will contain a total of 15 prints  (the number each participant will receive). 
Participants will include:  Teresa Tempero Schmidt-Kathleen King (artist/painter), Conrad Ross-Kim Appel (photographer), Mania Dajnak-Leonard Kress (poet), Tom Druecker and Margie Simpson-Samantha Simpson (artist/painter), April Katz-Phillip Terman (poet), Kay Johnson-Joanna Roche (art historian/poet), Rich Gere-David Landau (songwriter), Yvonne Leonard-James Lawton (ceramist), Ryan Burkhart-David Dubose (artist/printmaker), Cindy Marsh- Kell Black (artist/drawing) and  Dr. Gregg Zieren (historian), Tim High-Dr.Richard High (surgeon), Tom Christison and Anita Jung-Emma (daughter), Akemi Ohira-James Sved (architect/writer), Mario LaPlante-Francis Valesco/ (textile artist), Don Furst-Dr. Dale Cohen (psychologist).


Organizers: Andy Rubin and Michael Connors, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Statement:  In the spirit of the Jazz and Blues heritage of New Orleans, and to present
an improvisational challenge to printmakers who may have secretly desired to design musical instruments, (but were concerned that if they did the sound might be terrible), "Printstruments" is a print exchange portfolio which encourages visual artists to CUT LOOSE, and make a print of an instrument that tweaks their wildest imaginings. This portfolio will include the work of twelve artists who, not having to concern themselves with the quality of sound or skill of performance, will create prints of instruments that have never before been seen! In an age of multimedia fusion and borderless art disciplines, "Printstruments" looks, with relief, to the constraints of a visual art form that will never have to cross over to the realm of sound.  "Printstruments" is a celebration of the silence of vision and the blessed boundaries that
protect the wonders of music from visual artists that can't swing or sing the blues. Here is a truly jazzed up liberation of spirit - instruments that can be seen but not heard!
Participants: Enrique Chagoya, Michael Connors, Sue Goldman, Adele Henderson, Beauvais Lyons, Lothar Osterberg, Joe Sanders, Jeff Sippel, Andy Rubin, Bill Weege, John Wilde

"Exquisite Voo Doo"
Organizer: Oscar Gillespie, Bradley University
Statement: This portfolio, inthe tradition of the tradition of the Surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse will be comprised of 21" x 15" plates. Each partiicpant will produce plates that will be cut to 7 x 15 inches for compositing the three sections of the images.  A two inch border all the way around will make the sheets 25" x 19".
Participants: Jennifer Anderson, Mike Barnes, John Cizmar, Carmon Colangelo, James Ehlers, Susan Goldman, Beth Grabowski, Oscar Gillespie, Karla Hackemiller, Nicole Hand
Elizabeth Hanemann, Chris Johnson, Duane Johnson, Joseph Lupo, Doug McDowell, Jessica Owings, James Pace, Joel Peck, Larry Schuh, Rebecca Stanley


Exhibition Hall will be used to collate the Print Gumbo Exchange Portfolio.

8-10pm (Same time as Open Portfolio session in the Tulane Rm.)

"The Big Print"
Organizer: Lloyd Menard, University of South Dakota, Vermillion
Statement/Participants: This portfolio is comprised of 35 prints from the University of South Dakota, the University of Tennessee, the University of Iowa, Indiana University and California State University, Long Beach.  Two faculty and five graduate students from each program participated. The prints include intaglios, lithographs, screenprints and relief prints.  Each print is from an edition of 42 impressions on 22 x 28 inch paper. 



"Hans Grohs Portfolio"
Presenter: Frauke Grohs Collinson
Statement: This portfolio of prints offers an opportunity to see 15 prints and one original woodblock by the noted German Hans Grohs. Hans Grohs was one of the first German Expressionist painters and printmakers. Labeled a "degenerate" artist by the Nazis in 1937, Grohs was forbidden to paint up to and during World War II. Grohs returned to painting after the war, but concentrated on themes of holocaust, apocalypse, alienation, despair, and death, rather than the mystical landscapes and coastal scenes for which he was known. It wasn't until an extended visit to Alabama in 1959 that Grohs seemed able to escape wartime memories and return to art with renewed energy.  The portfolio will be presented by his daughter, who currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

"Fertile Cresent"
Organizers: Matt Egan and Heather Muise, American University of Sharjah
Statement: The Fertile Crescent, a huge swath of land in the Middle East that surrounds the Persian Gulf, was so named because of its wealth of arable land and water. Blessed with these attributes it also became fertile ground for the advancement of human culture, it was there that the first great civilizations were born.  It is a land rich in culture and history, war and mystery. As the intersection between Asia, Africa and Europe is a place of incredible cultural diversity and tolerance, where the cultures of all three continents are woven together to weave an eclectic and rich tapestry. Today, the Fertile Crescent suffers from media driven stereo types that focus only on oil, natural gas, political strife and religious differences. Through this portfolio, we hope to break down some of the stereotypes held by Westerners about the Gulf region as well as altering some views that may hold about their neighbours. The Fertile Crescent Portfolio hopes to bring artists together from all over the region, both the citizens of the region as well as those artists who come from elsewhere and have decided to make this their home. Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme in a way that best reflects themselves and their place in the Fertile Crescent.  It is hoped that this portfolio will help us to embrace our differences and to teach us more about our cultural diversity, as well as introduce us to a new community of printmakers. 
Participants: The portfolio will include the works of approximately forty-eight (48) artist/printmakers from ten (10) countries. Confirmed participants come from U.A.E., Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Pakistan. The A3 (11 3/4 x 16 1/2" or 29.5 x 42cm) size prints will make their debut at Print Gumbo and will later show in the countries represented in the portfolio.

"21st. Century New Propositions"
Organizer: Patricia Hunsinger, Ohio University
Statement: Women from all over the world today more than ever are seen as a strong force in the arts. Examples such as Wislawa Szymborska, from Poland, who received recognition in 1996 as a Noble Prize winner for literature, and Rigoberta Menchu Tum, from Guatemala, whose campaign for human rights won her the title as Noble Peace Prize Laurete in 1992 reveal this. These are just a few examples of women who are in the spotlight of recognition in the world today. For the first time in my lifetime I see women all over the globe being acknowledged by earning distinguishing awards, leading influential workshops and exhibiting their art in venues across the entire planet. For me these recognitions and achievements represent all the hard work that our great -grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, and we ourselves, have worked so hard at attaining. With the turn of a new century it only seems appropriate, for us as women, to recognize our accomplishments and celebrate all of our hard work! This credit for women all over the world has prompted me to put together a portfolio that celebrates contemporary women printmakers on a global scale. I am aiming at a body of work that is inclusive, comprehensive and representational of what women printmakers are doing all over the world. The theme of the portfolio, "21st Century New Propositions" is a purposefully wide-open theme in order to give all artists involved their own interpretation of what kind of new propositions we face as women today. The word proposition means; "something offered for consideration or acceptance." What new propositions are we as women being offered today? What new offers do we as women propose to our own society today? I think of this portfolio as a recognition and empowerment to women printmakers whose art is and has been influential in our world now. Diversity in the different cultures and in the printmaking media will be seen through the styles, subject matter and mediums used by the participants and I expect that the works will reflect a broad spectrum of aesthetic, social and political concerns. I believe that it is important for women to share their joys and concerns towards the empowerment of women on a global scale because we can learn from each other. Global communication is accessible now more than ever before and the doors of awareness are open and available for us to participate in!  The portfolio will consist of 26 prints, each are19.5 x 27 inches. The paper size comes from a half sheet of Murillo paper.
Participants: Cynthia Alderete (Mexico), Lynne Allen (USA), Bongi Bengu (South Africa), Haiyan Chen (China), Margaret Crocus (Canada), Sydney Cross (USA), Elizabeth Dove (USA), Karla Hackenmiller (USA), Nicole Hand (USA), Elizabeth Haneman (USA), Patricia Hunsinger (USA), Patricia Hurl (Ireland), Kathleen Jonas (USA), April Katz (USA), Vera Khlebrikova (Russia), Elspeth Lamb (Scotland), Haydee Landing (Puerto Rico), Ingrid Ledent (Belgium), Dianne Longley (Australia), Mary Manusos (USA), Susan Moffet (USA), Carla Neis (Switzerland), Nancy Palmeri, Nancy (USA), Maria Anna Parolin (Canada), Veerle Rooms (Belgium), Susan Urano (USA), Lucrecia Urbano (Argentina),  Gongyi Wang, Gongyi (China)

11am -1pm 

"The Sensory Experience"
Organizer: Karen Kunc, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 
Statement: An improvisational feast for the visual senses - "The Sensory Experience
Portfolio" - celebrates the richness of impression, transferal? of ink on paper, layering of printed sequences, the sensuous touch and mark, creating with atmosphere, aura, and time as a multi-sensory sphere of knowledge. 20 invited artists are engaged in visual discovery, subtle point of view, introspective personal style, non-verbal beauty, physical process. This group of artists eschews the narrative tradition of irreverent cultural critique and didactically savvy genres, nor are they "cutting edge", whatever that fashion may be now. A common characteristic upon viewing prints by these artists is an intake of breath and deep sighs over one's indulgent immersions into visceral response. The goal of The Sensory Experience Portfolio is the ultimate transmission of a state of being, an unabashed delight to the senses in the city of pleasure, New Orleans - as an alternative Way of Knowing. The portfolio is in a format of 10" x 20", each with 20 prints in an edition of 22, housed in a clamshell presentation box with colophon. One portfolio is available for tour, and one portfolio becomes part of the permanent collection of the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery.
Participants: Susan Belau, Dean Dass, Meredith Dean, Bob Erickson, Bob Glasgow, Keiko Hara, Valgerdur Hauksdottir, Nona Hershey, Karen Kunc, Avoca, Nebraska, Jimin Lee, Greg Murr, Patricia Olynyk, Ellen Price, Sarah Smelser, Tanja Softic, Steven Sorman, Seiko Tachibana, Takeshi Takahara, Annu Vertanen. John Willis.

"River Gumbo"
Organizer: Kristin Kavanagh and Carol Brown, Women Printmakers of Austin 
Statement:  "River Gumbo" creates an opportunity for various interpretations on the general theme of the convention, "Print Gumbo."  This theme also provides interpretation for cultural diversity, the introduction of jazz, blues, gourmet flavors, local color, and site-specific areas of New Orleans, including specialties of the Gulf Coast, the bayous and the Mississippi River. 
The group has determined the size of each print as a square 10" x 10" bleed print.  There are several templates with points that connect in various combinations. These intersecting points will guide the printmaker in creating their individual "River" print.  These individual print ëmodulesí will create a grid map of a "River" that will be combined and encased in one large sheet of plastic. Each print will be enclosed by plastic on the front and back, separated and held by stitching.  The overall effect will be that of a giant slide protector sheet.  The Women Printmakers of Austin is an association of women printmakers dedicated to the promotion of fine art printmaking.  This mission includes public outreach and education, as well as the support of women artists.  The WPA was founded in 1995.
Participants: Sylvia Betts, Theresa Bond, Suzanne Briner, Carol Brown, Belinda Casey, Alisan Clarke, Margaret Craig, Anna Gawarecki, Linda Genet, Tita Griesbach, Amy Guadagnoli, Martha Harrison, Kristin Kavanagh, Francine Mastrangelo, Pamela McCroskery, Deborah McLouth, Sylvia Orozco, Anna Marie Pavlik, Cathy Savage, Zhna Sharp, Jill Thrasher, Madelon Umlauf


"Vue Dieu"
Organizer: Clay Mc Glamory, Old Dominion University
Statement: After some brainstorming at the 2001 Austin conference, my colleague, Ken
Daley, and I decided upon the theme of voodoo for a portfolio because of its obvious association with New Orleans.  However we decided to expand on the idea, and to use the French title Vue Dieu which means "view God" and phonetically sounds the same as voodoo.  We intend that this pun, this play on words, will allow the participants an opportunity to share their visual interpretations in an exploratory, whimsical, and metaphoric manner; that
the theme will be evocative of some unusual images, perspectives, and innovative prints.
Participants: Randy Bolton, Marcia Brown, Bryan Condra, Ken Daley, Helen Frederick, Amy gerhauser, Melissa Harshmann, Cyndi Herrmann, Cassandra Hooper, Solomon Isekeije, Brenna Johnson, Lynwood Kreneck, Bob Lazuka, Mitch Lyons, Mary Manusos, Clay McGlamory, Dennis McNett, Celeste Pierson, Judith O'Rourke, Steve Prince, Sarah Smelser, Sean Star Wars, Herbert Weaver, Steve Willis

"Lagniappe Portfolio IV: Part to Whole"
Organizers: Sara Hopp and Jenny Swanson,  Louisiana State University School of Art
Statement: The inaugural Lagniappe Portfolio began at the Louisiana State University Printworkshop in 1997 by Duane Johnson, a second year graduate student. Its purpose was to showcase the most interesting original prints of graduate students from all over the United States. For the past four years interested graduate students at the LSU Printworkshop have
continued the tradition, striving to make the portfolio better each year. "Lagniappe IV: Part to Whole" was organized by Jenny Swanson and Sara Hopp. Full of exciting new changes, the fourth annual portfolio is the first to have a single juror as well as a theme. In response to the
connections that our juror, Ann Hamilton, made to the work of each artist she selected, the theme emerged. She wrote "...many of the images isolated a thing or a scene or a gesture and in that isolation of fragment, of time or of object I found a sense of the way an inventory of parts accumulates into an entire history or scene or story. I am thinking here of the hand drawn in a exaggerated scale...which says miles of how our hand extends and contracts from the world. I am thinking of the fishing lure images which are mute description and in their economy of description say miles of our nature and our culture. Each of these works in different ways had this quality for me. Description which reveals a social fact without telling
you...and in the NOT telling is the poetry." The most unique aspect of the Lagniappe portfolio rests in its name, meaning "a little something extra." Small gifts, such as stickers replicating each print in Lagniappe III and a Gumbo recipe card in "Lagniappe IV", are added as a surprise for participants. Through all of the changes, it is the traditions that make this portfolio so exciting.
Participants: Laura Berman (Tulane University), Neal Harrington (Wichita State University), Tammy Harrington (Wichita State University), Kim Hindman (University of Massachusettes), Noah Hyleck (Ohio University), Mel Paca (Virginia Commonwealth University), Andrew Saluti (Louisiana State University), Carrie Scanga (University of Washington), Jon Swindler, (Southern Illinois University).

3 - 5pm 

"Prints from Yee-Haw Industries"
Organizer: Kevin Bradley and Julie Belcher, Yee Haw Industries
Description:  Yee-Haw Industries operates in the area between printmaking and graphic design, producing quality "art-like" posters, flyers, letterhead, showbills, and various forms of ephemera. Their clients have included Southern Culture on the Skids, The American Visionary Art Museum, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To learn more about Yee-Haw, visit their web site/gallery/flea market at: