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The conference site committee is working with galleries and museums in New Orleans to coordinate a rich variety of exhibition in conjunction with the Southern Graphics Council Conference. We have also planned numerous portfolio presentations on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Exhibition Hall of the conference hotel.  For a complete list of these portfolios, follow the "Portfolio Presentations" link on the Print Gumbo web site menu bar.

On Thursday April 4th buses will transport conference attendees to two receptions in the City Park Region at Delgado College and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

The conference has been planned to allow us to take advantage of receptions which take place the first Saturday of every month in the New Orleans Arts District.  Saturday afternoon we are also planning steam roller printing at the New Orleans Center for Contemporary Art.


"SGC Silent Auction Exhibition" 
"Print Gumbo Exchange Portfolio"
and numerous "Portfolio Presentations" (see link for complete listings) 


New Orleans Museum of Art Dan Piersol, Curator Prints and Drawings Exhibitions 
"Southern Graphics Council Printmakers Emeritus Exhibition 2002" 
"Life and Death and Sport; The Mesoamerican Ballgame" 
Reception: Thursday April 4th, 5-7pm

Delgado Fine Arts Gallery 
501 City Park Ave., New Orleans La. 
(504) 483-4048
"Quiet Water: An Exhibition of Louisiana Printmakers"
An exhibition curated by Phyllis McGibbon surveying the work of 11 Louisiana printmakers including; Teresa Cole, Brian Kelly, MaryJane Parker, Larry Schuh, Charlie Huang, Andrew Saluti, Jenny Swanson, Addie Dawson-Euba, Karoline Schleh, Gerry Wubbin and James Burke
Reception: Thursday April 4th, 4-6pm


Visual Arts Department 
NOCCA Riverfront, Ken Kirschman Artspace 
2800 Chartes Street 
New Orleans, LA 70117
"Down River: National High School Printmaking Exhibition"
Reception: Saturday April 6, 10am-noon

Louisiana State Museums: The Arsenal
701 Chartres Street (enter through Cabildo).
Designed by noted American architect James Dakin, this landmark dates from 1839. Exhibits and programs are featured.
"Freshly Brewed: the Coffee Trade and the Port of New Orleans"
"Louisiana and the Mighty Mississippi River"
Highlights: Several artifacts from the famous steamboat Natchez; an 1870 lighthouse lens; a c. 1840 pirogue; a collection of coffee cups from around the world.

Louisiana State Museums: The Cabildo
701 Chartres Street, on Jackson Square.
The site of the Louisiana Purchase Transfer, the Cabildo was constructed from 1795-99.  Beginning with European settlers' encounters with Native Americans and progressing through the Civil War, exhibits trace Louisiana's past from a people-oriented perspective.
Highlights: Napoleon's Death Mask; an auction block used during slavery; a
Civil War surgeon's chest; an octant used on a Jean Lafitte vessel;
paintings by JosÈ de Salazar; historic clothing.

Louisiana State Museums: The 1850 House
523 St. Ann Street, on Jackson Square.
It was in 1850 that the Baroness Pontalba first opened the doors of the two magnificent rowhouse structures on what is now Jackson Square. The Museum has re-created what one of the Baroness' residences would have looked like during the antebellum era, occupied by a typical middle-class Creole family. Highlights: Children's playthings; a bathtub equipped with a receptacle for hot coals; an early manufactured kitchen stove; and bedroom furniture attributed to slave artisans.

Louisiana State Museums: Madame John's Legacy
632 Dumaine Street.
A rare example of Creole colonial home design, Madame John's Legacy is one of the few remaining West Indies-style buildings in the Mississippi Valley.
"Goin' 'Cross My Mind:  Contemporary Self-Taught Artists of Louisiana"
"Madame John's Legacy:  History and Legends of a National Historic Landmark"
Highlights: Works of art by Clementine Hunter, Sister Gertrude Morgan, and several other of the most prominent self-taught artists from a collection given by Dr. Kurt Gitter and Alice Rae Yelen.

Louisiana State Museums: The Old U.S. Mint
400 Esplanade Avenue, near French Market.
The only building in America to have served both as a U.S. and Confederate Mint, this landmark was constructed in 1835 during the presidency of Andrew Jackson.
"New Orleans Jazz"
"Newcomb Pottery and Crafts"
Highlights: Louis Armstrong's first horn; instruments owned by Sidney Bechet, George McCullum, Dizzie Gillespie, Edward "Kid" Ory and others. Louisiana Historical Center: This archive contains French and Spanish colonial records, maps from 1525 to the present, and other manuscript materials.

Louisiana State Museums: The Presbytere
751 Chartres Street, on Jackson Square.
The Presbytere houses a dynamic exhibition that traces the history of Mardi Gras through several major themes:  parades, masking, balls, rural traditions, and more.
Highlights: Turn-of-the-century costumes, a "crown jewels" chamber, elaborate hand-sewn Indian "suits", a "climb aboard" float, videos, music. Make sure to visit their Mardi Gras Shop!

Historic New Orleans Collection, Williams Research Center, Head Librn. John Lawrence 
410 Chartres St., New Orleans La. 70130 (504) 523-4662 
"19th and Early 20th Century Prints form the Collection" 

A Gallery For Fine Photography,  Dir. Joshua Mann Pailet 
322 Royal Street, New Orleans La. 70130 (504) 568-1313 
"Herman Leonard, Images of Jazz, and History of Photography,"
"Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll" 

Stone & Press, Dir. Earl Retief 
238 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA 70130 
(504) 561-8555
"Contemporary Mezzotints and Mid-20th Century American Scenes" 
Reception: Friday April 5th from 4-6pm

539 Gallery, Dir. James Lamantia 
539 Bienville St., New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 522-0695 
"Pirenesi and Architectural Prints," 
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Carmen Llwellyn Paintings and Graphics Sculpture, Dir. Carmen Llewellyn 
240 Chartres Street, New Orleans La. 70103 
(504) 558- 9859 Fax (504) 558- 9497
By appointment only 

Casell Gallery Dir. Joaquin Casellas 
818 Royal Street., New Orleans La. 70116 
504 524- 0671, hours: 11am-5:30pm
"Joaqin Casell, Paintings"

Bassetti Fine Art Photography, Vicki Bassetti, Director
 233 Chartres St., New Orleans, La. 70130 
(504) 529-9811
"David Halliday" (toned silverprints)


Contemporary Arts Center,  David Rubin, Curator of Visual Arts 
900 Camp Street, New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 523-1216 (504) 528-3828
"Digital Louisiana" 
This exhibition showcases the visual art of many local and Louisiana-born artists who incorporate computer technology into the production of their art. The use of computer processes to enhance and manipulate images is affecting many artists in painting, printmaking,
photography, sculpture, video, and multi-media work. For some, computers are just part of the creative process and for others, using computers is integral to the presenation of their work. The exhibition includes works by Gerald Cannon, Teresa Cole, Duane Dugas, Lynda Frese, Paul Higham, Debra Howell, Frahn Koerner, Leslie Koptcho. Robin Levy, Joyce Harris Mayer, Jeff Prentice, Jim Richard, Analia Saban, John F. Simon, Jr., Sam Still, David Sullivan, Clifton Webb, and others.
Reception: Friday April 5th, 6-8pm.

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, J. Richard Gruber, Director
 temporary location is 603 Julia Street; New Orleans, La.
(504) 539-9600
"Permanent Collection"

Galerie Simonne Stern,  Dir. Carroll Case
518 Julia Street, New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 529-1118 (504) 525- 7030 
"Prints from the Lincoln Center"

Heriard-Cimino Gallery, Ltd.,  Dir. Jeanne Cimino 
440 Julia Street, New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 525- 7300, Fax (504) 525- 7333 
"Louis Roldan, Paintings"
Reception: April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm 

Lemieux Galleries,  Dir. Denise R. Berthiaume 
332 Julia Street, New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 522-5988 Fax (504) 522-5682 
"Brandon Gravings, Monoprints"
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm

New Orleans School Of Glass Works and Printmaking 
727 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 
(504) 529-7277 
"exhibition to be announced"
Reception for the culmination of the Demographics Sessions: 
Saturday April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm

Marguerite Oestreicher Fine Arts,  Mark Bercier, Director
626 Julia Street, New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 581- 9253, Fax (504) 566- 1956 
"Jenifer Odom, Sculpture"
sculpture by a faculty member from the University of Tennessee
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm 

Arthur Roger Gallery Dir. Arthur Roger 
432 Julia Street, New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 522-1999 fax (504) 522-6999 
"Dale Chihuly, Glass" 
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00 to 9:00 pm 

Sylvia Schmidt Gallery Dir. Sylvia Schmidt 
400-A Julia Street, New Orleans La. 70130 
(504) 522-2000 Fax (504) 522-2033
"Robert Hausey" 
oil paintings of still lifes and nudes by an LSU faculty member
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6-9pm

d.o.c.s. Gallery, Richard Nesbitt, Director 
709 Camp Street, New Orleans La. 
(504) 524- 3936
"Babette Wattigny"
mixed media sculpture
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6-9pm

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery,  Dir. Jonathan Ferrara 
841 Camp Street, New Orleans La. 
(504) 522-5471 
"No Dead Artists, A Juried Exhibition of Local Artists"
Opening Reception April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm 


Tulane University Newcomb Art Gallery, Dir., Eric Neil 
Woldenberg Art Center, Tulane University
1229 Broadway, New Orleans La. 70118 
(504) 865- 5327 Fax (504) 862-8710
"ArtRageUs; Works by survivors of Breast Cancer" (various media)

Carroll Gallery
Newcomb Art Building
"Demographics" prints from the 2001 SGC conference in Austin, Texas
"Selected Prints by James Steg"
"Taboo" a portfolio organized by Larry Schuh

Diboll Art Center, Loyola University 
6363 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118 
"The Southern Graphics Council 2002 Student Juried Exhibition of Prints." An exhibition of work by student members of the Southern Graphics Council selected by Boyd Saunders.  Competition is hosted by the Amity Art Foundation.
"Saints and Sinners: Observations on the Sacred and Profane", a portfolio created by twenty-five artist changed by their experiences in Italy. Many of them as teachers and artists in residence in the University of Georgia's Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy. This is a traveling exhibition originally organized in conjunction with "2001: A Print Odyssey", a symposium held in Cortona, Italy in May 2001.
Reception: Saturday April 6th 3-5pm. 

Cole Pratt Gallery Ltd. 
3800 Magazine Street, New Orleans La. 70115 
(504) 891- 6789 Fax (504) 891- 6611 
"Dana Ruth Harvey, Encaustic on panel"
"Barbara Brainard, Monotypes"
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00 to 9:00pm 

Davis Gallery Dir. Charles B. Davis 
3964 Magazine Street, New Orleans, La. 70115 
(504) 895-5206 
"African Art" (by appointment only) 

New Orleans Academy Of Fine Arts,  Dir. Auseklis Ozols 
5256 Magazine Street, New Orleans La. 70115 
504 899-8111 (504) 523-4662 
"Kate Samworth Oil Paintings" and "Kathy Brombacher Watercolors"
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00 to 9:00 pm 

Wyndy Morehead Fine Arts,  Dir. Wyndy Morehead 
3926 Magazine Street, New Orleans La. 70115
(504) 269- 8333 Fax (504) 269- 8336 
"Eric Abrecht, Paintings"
Opening Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00-9:00 pm 

Carol Robinson Gallery,  Dir. Carol Robinson 
840 Napoleon Ave., New Orleans La. (504) 895- 6130 
"Robert Malone, Oil Paintings"
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00 to 9:00 pm 

Mario Villa Gallery Dir. Mario Villa 
3908 Magazine Street, New Orleans La. 70115 
(504) 895- 8731 
"Prints by Jim Steg"
a special exhibition by 1989 SGC Printmaker Emeritus
Print Gumbo Reception: Saturday April 6, 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Exhibition Tour by Frances Swigart-Steg and Carol Leake: 5pm
Public Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00 to 9:00 pm


World Trade Center Building Lobby (first floor) 
(Located at the foot of Canal Street, right between the French Quarter and the Riverwalk, a couple of blocks from the Aquarium and the ferry)
"New Orleans & Gulf Coast Printmakers" Exhibition
Artists include Milda Spindler, Brandon Graving, Janelle Mullen-Trosclair, Gwen Impson, Cynthia Ramirez , Gail Blank, Marilyn Harris Bautista, Gayle Andersson, Miriam Martin, Pamela Conway Caruso.
Lunch Provided at Reception: Saturday April 6, 11:00am -1:00pm

Stella Jones Gallery,  Dir. Stella Pinkney Jones 
Bank One Center, Place St Charles 201 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans La. 70170 
(504) 568- 9050 Fax (504) 568- 0840 
"Samella Lewis, Gale Fulcon-Ross, Monotypes, Lithographs, and Woodcuts"
Reception: Saturday April 6, 6:00 to 9:00 pm 


University Of New Orleans Fine Arts Center,  Dir. Annette Fournet 
2000 Lake Shore Dr. New Orleans La. 70148 
504 286- 6493
"Daphne Looney: MFA Thesis Exhibition in Sculpture"

Dillard University Art Gallery 
2601 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans La.
504 816-4448
Graduating Seniors Exhibit
Reception: Wednesday April 3, 6:00-9:00