Fall 2018 Rush Week Schedule

To register for Fall Recruitment 2018 go to » http://utifc.org/recruitment/schedule

  • Saturday, July 7th: Canoeing Trip in Middle Tennessee https://tiny.utk.edu/SigmaNuCanoe
  • Saturday, July 28th: Braves Game in Atlanta, Georgia https://tiny.utk.edu/SigmaNuBraves
  • Thursday, August 16th: Rush Move-In Day/Kick-Off
  • Friday, August 17th: Round 1 Open Houses
  • Saturday, August 18th: Round 1 Open Houses, Part 2
  • Sunday, August 19th: Round 2 Open Houses
  • Monday, August 20th: Round 3 Open Houses
  • Tuesday, August 21st: Preference Round
  • Wednesday, August 22nd: Bid Day