Leadership Development

LEAD (an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development) is Sigma Nu's membership education program. While learning about the history, heritage, and values of Sigma Nu, participants in LEAD experience activities and educational sessions led by chapter officers, local alumni, and General Fraternity staff members on topics such as project leadership, group decision making, and principle-centered leadership. Leadership skill development, styles of leadership, conflict resolution, and financial responsibility are additional topics of discussion in the LEAD Program. These programs assist students in developing ethical leadership practices. Sigma Nu prepares members for life after college by providing them with the leadership qualities and skills that employers continually seek. Pursuing excellence in ethical leadership development is one way that Sigma Nu contributes positively to the campus and the community and offers benefits to each member.

The program consists of four phases and an all chapter phase. Each phase is designed to help the brothers at different steps in their college career as well as their after college jobs.

Phase I allows new members to learn the history of the fraternity and begin to give them tips on time management, leadership designs and overall workings of a normal chapter.

Phase II is to continue the leadership education but also try to keep the bond of the brother that they had when they all went through phase one. They learn better ways to deal with change, how to deal with conflict, and a little about themselves with the Myers Briggs personality test.

Phase III is geared toward the third year members and begins to focus on career development, ethics in the work place, and continues with effective problem solving along with other topics.

Phase IV continues with tips on how to succeed in the outside world. With everything from tips on networking to how to manage your money after college, it is definitely an asset to any graduating Sigma Nu member.

The All Chapter Phase is geared towards working on things as a chapter. Where the other phases are more of a year-by-year basis, All Chapter allows all members of the chapter to work on something together. Focusing on individual development, organizational development, and risk reduction, All Chapter focuses on allowing the bond of brotherhood to become tight.