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Twenty years from now, you are not going to remember your 8:00am chemistry class, working out in T-RECS or concerts on Market Square. What you will remember are the bonds of friendship that you created and the great times you had at the University of Tennessee.

Since 1921, the Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu has conveyed a legacy of excellence rooted in unbreakable bonds of brotherhood. Not only are we all best friends during our time at Tennessee, but our ties extend and strengthen beyond graduation.

Diversity and versatility are two of Sigma Nu's strongest attributes. Our brothers come from all over: from Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia to Florida, Alabama and Missouri. These different perspectives distinguish Sigma Nu as the ideal fraternal experience. Aside from being very active in the Tennessee social scene, the brothers of Sigma Nu are student leaders, RAs, OLs, IFC, Ignite team leaders, The Cross—Greek Campus Ministry members, Freshmen Council members and are frequently found working with Habitat for Humanity.

Sigma Nu is not for everyone. However, for those of you who want to join a fraternity which will allow you to reach your full college potential academically and socially, and get the most of your last 4 years before 9-5 workdays, we invite you to use rush week to expose yourself to this strong brotherhood, come hang out at the house, and experience the facets of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

To register for Fall Recruitment 2019 go to » utifc.org/recruitment

How do I Contact Sigma Nu?

If you are interested in contacting Sigma Nu about rush events. Feel free to contact one of the following brothers. For other information regarding Sigma Nu please contact sigmanu@utk.edu.

Will Hensley, whensle6@vols.utk.edu, (678) 986-9976

Recruitment Chair
Russell Wilson, rwilso93@vols.utk.edu, (864) 710-4094

Sigma Nu is a bond that will stay with you for life. Whether its a newly initiated brother or an 80 year old alumnus giving you the grip and telling you stories of the old days. Sigma Nu is knowing that no matter where you go or what you do, you will have the support of your brothers.

Sigma Nu is about Brotherly Love that last a lifetime, Sigma Nu is a family you have on campus even when you are miles from home. Sigma Nu is about parties and socials and being recognized on campus as one of the top fraternities. Sigma Nu is reunions and coming back to the house after 20 years and being treated like you never left.

Sigma Nu is an experience that will change you and make you a better and stronger man. Being a Sigma Nu is also knowing that no matter where you go that you will always meet other Sigma Nu who share's your bond whether it be in a chapter house in another state or in an airport waiting for a flight. You can not get this from sitting in a dorm room, or joining a mere club on campus. Clubs come and go, but fraternities survive the test of time. No fire, event, or tragedy has ever brought a fraternity to its knees and it never will.