Info for Parents

Thank you for showing an interest in the fraternity choice your son might make during rush. Sigma Nu holds the interest of families in the highest regard. We host events every year for parents and alumni when they can come meet the brothers of Sigma Nu and ask any question they might want answered. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions parents ask when their son is making a decision to rush.

Will my son's grades drop?

  • Every fraternity has academic standards at which they require members to meet a certain GPA. Sigma Nu holds a mandatory study hall several days a week during which the candidates and several active brothers are supervised by the candidate marshal for two to three hours at a time.
  • Brothers in the chapter are more than willing to help a candidate or fellow members out with a class or homework. We have a variety of academic majors in the chapter. The member can provide tutoring or mentoring to candidates regarding a specific class or even give informal advice that can prove to be invaluable. Older members can give insight about certain classes, the best order to take classes to obtain a specific major, or even aid in the selection of classes or a certain teacher during registration periods.
  • Candidates are encouraged to use the Student Success Center to find tutors or address academic concerns.

Will my son get hazed? I have heard horror stories!

  • While many fraternities have no hazing policies, Sigma Nu is the only fraternity which was specifically founded on the principle of no hazing. You can view our history page to learn the story behind Sigma Nu's conception and its dedication to no hazing.
  • The number of fraternities recognized by accredited colleges around the country increases every year. However, Sigma Nu is one of only eighteen fraternities recognized as an honor fraternity. An honor fraternity is recognized as such because it has an education plan that helps teach and promote ethical and moral practices by all members.

How much will it cost?
Sigma Nu is a reasonably priced fraternity and uses a private billing company to handle its financial affairs. The company offers flexible paying schedules. Below is comprehensive list of fee's or charge's you will be responsible for depending on your membership status.As a candidate

  • Candidate Fee - $100
  • Initiation Fee - $230 (The Fraternity offers academic discounts for candidates depending on their GPA. A candidate with a 4.0 GPA will have the initiation fee waived, a 3.50-3.99 GPA will receive half price initiation fee and a 3.0-3.49 GPA will receive a $90 discount on his initiation fee.)
  • Candidates due - $850 for the semester

As an active member
Dues - $900(in house) or $1,100(out of house) per academic year and $250 summer dues. Brothers who pay within the first 30 days for the semester receive a $75 discount for the semester and a $50 discount for summer term.