Our Fraturnity House

New BuildingThe Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity recently realized their dreams with the opening of a new fraternity house at 1824 Fraternity Park Drive. The Sigma Nu chapter is the only chapter on the UT fraternity row who torn down their existing structure and built a completely new house. The house was occupied in March 2010.

Sigma Nu has built a new, affordable fraternity house that is safe and meets the demands of the twenty-first century college student. The new house is a modern, fully functional fraternity home and includes:

  • a required fire sprinkler system,
  • an elevator and other ADA compliance items,
  • new smoke and fire detection systems,
  • redesigned dorm rooms to include sleeping and expanded storage facilities, and
  • modern computer and information technology connections to the campus community

The cost for this new house is $2.1 million.

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