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Lab Picture (May 2017). Left to right: Abby Link, Neel Patel, Jared Clements, Brian Mendoza, Jongwon Lee, Sergio Garcia, Heongmin Seo, Dylan Chitin, Dr. Ryu, Caleb Walker, Dr. Trinh.

  Trinh lab seeks to fundamentally understand and engineer complex cellular systems. One of our research thrusts is to develop the platform MODCELL technology that engineer modular chassis cells for rapid development of novel microbial biocatalysts for industrial biocatalysis. The other research thrust is to develop the ViPaRe technology to effectively inactivate rapidly evolving and resistant pathogens. To pursue the goal, Trinh lab is interested in applying and developing both theoretical and experimental tools in interdisciplinary fields of systems and synthetic biology together with metabolic and biochemical engineering, and microbial physiology.  



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