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Welcome to Trinh Lab's website!

  Trinh lab seeks to fundamentally understand and engineer complex cellular systems. We are focusing on three synergistic research thrusts. Thrust 1 is to understand the principles of modular design in biological systems and develop the transformative MODCELL (Modular Cell Engineering) technology to engineer modular chassis cells for rapid development of novel microbial biocatalysts in a plug-and-play fashion for industrial biocatalysis. Thrust 2 is to understand the mechanisms to inactivate pathogens and develop the transformative ViPaRe (Virulent Pathogen Resistance) technology to effectively combat virulent, resistant, and rapidly evolving pathogens. Thrust 3 is to understand the mechanisms of cellular robustness against environmental perturbation and develop effective defensive tools to boost cellular robustness for applications from disease prevention to novel biocatalysis. To pursue the goal, Trinh lab is interested in applying and developing both theoretical and experimental tools in interdisciplinary fields of systems and synthetic biology together with metabolic and biochemical engineering, and microbial physiology.  


  Currently, we are recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral researchers! Interested candidates email Dr. Trinh their CVs.  



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