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exchange portfolio


Viewing and Pick-Up : Thursday, March 19, C Session, 1:45pm-3:15pm, KCC 200DE

Editions Due to Portfolio Organizer by December 15, 2014.

Organized by Ashton Ludden
Email: aludden10@gmail.com

This print portfolio focuses on our perpetual drive to live better than ever before. Humans continue to advance our way of living beyond the needs of survival with an everlasting strive for MORE and BETTER: more comfort, better efficiency, more convenience, better quality, and simply more pleasure in our products and our lives. Participants may consider significant advancements such as medicine, transportation, communication, agriculture, and robotics, or may look to more ridiculous and unnecessary products such as Keurigs, slippers with headlights, automatic cereal dispensers, heated toilet seats, and Segways. As the ultimate creators of the multiple, how do contemporary printmakers relate our artistic practice, which holds a unique history to mass production, to these consumer products? How do our products indirectly connect us with other people and untold stories around the world? Prints should express this perpetual drive for better living standards, including the benefits and consequences of our desired comforts.

Paper size: 11 x 14 inches

Edition: 32

Technique: any print media

Participation Fee: $30

Erika Adams – Montreal, Quebec, Canada http://www.erikaadams.com/
Brett Anderson – Evansville, IN http://www.brettranderson.com/
Joseph Anderson-Story – Lawrence, KS http://josephandersonstory.tumblr.com/
Miguel A. Aragón – Austin, TX http://www.aragonmiguel.com/
Luke Ball – Denton, TX http://lukeballart.blogspot.com/
Carlos Barberena – Chicago, IL www.carlosbarberena.com
Caroline Battle – Baltimore, MD http://www.carolinebattle.com/
Doug Bosley – Madison, WI www.dougbosley.com/
Aaron S. Coleman - DeKalb, IL http://www.aaroncolemanprintmaking.com/
Eric Conrad – Emporia, KS http://www.eric-conrad.com/
Greg Daiker – Milwaukee, WI
Olesya Dzhuraeva – Kyiv, Ukraine www.mysketchs.com/
James Ehlers – Emporia, KS http://jamesehlers.wordpress.com/
Daniel Greenberg – Bloomfied Hills, MI http://www.danielstephengreenberg.com/
Matt Hopson-Walker – Fresno, CA http://matthewhopsonwalker.com/
Raluca Iancu – Knoxville, TN http://ralu.ca/
Andrew Kosten – Brookings, SD http://andrewkosten.com/
Carrie Lingscheit – Chicago, IL http://carrielingscheit.com/
Emmy Lingscheit – Urbana, IL http://emmylingscheit.com/
Ashton Ludden – Knoxville, TN http://ashtonludden.com
Joseph Lupo – Morgantown, WV http://josephlupo.com/
Jonathan Metzger – Farmville, VA http://www.jonathandavidmetzger.com/
Yoonmi Nam – Lawrence, KS http://www.yoonminam.com/
Meghan O’Connor – Murfreesboro, TN http://www.curlymeg88.com/
Daniel Ogletree – Knoxville, TN http://danielogletree.com
Maiko Okamura, Kawasaki, Japan
Sage Perrott – Elkins, WV http://haypeep.tumblr.com/
Kathryn Polk – Tuscon, AZ www.nonindigenouswoman.com
Nick Ruth – Rochester, NY http://www.nicholashruth.com/
Lisa Turner – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada www. http://lisaturnerart.com/
Patrick Vincent – Moorhead, MN http://www.twinbeepress.com/
Christopher Wallace – Conroe, TX http://southpawprintmaking.blogspot.com/