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Thursday, March 19 1pm-5pm Room Knoxville Convention Center, 200A

Friday March 20, 10am -5pm Knoxville Convention Center Room 200A

SGCI is pleased to continue the Career Mentoring Services at the Knoxville Conference. Services are provided at no cost to SGCI members attending the conference. Mentoring services are available for individuals at all stages of their careers – whether you are an undergraduate student thinking about an MFA, a graduate student seeking career advice, an independent artist looking to start a press, or someone in a tenure-track position looking for advice about navigating academia.

Mentoring Topics include (but are not limited to):
• Artist Portfolio Reviews
• Career Advice for Emerging and Mid-Career Artists
• Tenure and Academic Advancement
• Independent Presses, Non-Profits, and Community-Based Art

To Sign Up for a Mentoring Session

Registration for Mentoring Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. There are a limited number of sessions available and mentees can apply by emailing their Career Mentoring Services Enrollment Form to outreach@sgcinternational.org. Mentees must submit the Career Mentoring Services Enrollment Form by February 20, 2015. All mentees are notified of their scheduled date and time by email prior to the conference.

Career Mentoring Services Enrollment Form

Submit to outreach@sgcinternational.org by February 1, 2015

Scheduled Mentors

Emily Arthur
James Bailey
Charles Beneke
Donald Byrum
Leona Christie
Nick Conbere
Maritza Davila
Elizabeth Foley
Lari Gibbons
Susan Goldman
Melissa Harshman
John Hitchcock
Aleksandra Janik
April Katz
Joe Lupo
Phyllis McGibbon
Christine Medley
Hugh Merrill
Heather Muise
Sandra Murchison
Ashley Nason
David Newman
Dennis O’Neil
Kristina Paabus
Nancy Palmeri
Benjamin Rinehart
Debrah Santini
Jeff Sippel
Sarah Smelser
Tracy Templeton
Sang-Mi Yoo

To Sign Up to Become a Mentor

Becoming a mentor is an outstanding way to serve our membership and foster interest in our field. Applicants must be an experienced professional and available for at least a 90 minute mentoring session at the conference (one session serves 3 mentors for 20 minute sessions each, with 10 minute breaks between sessions). All mentors will receive a letter of recognition for their service and a box lunch voucher to be used at the conference. Applications to become a Mentor can be found below and will be accepted through December 15, 2014.

Mentor Application Form

Submit the form with your CV and bio to outreach@sgcinternational.org by December 15, 2014

For more information on mentoring sessions, contact Nicole Pietrantoni, SGCI Vice President of Outreach, outreach@sgcinternational.org.