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Viewing and Pick-Up : Thursday, March 19, C Session, 1:45pm-3:15pm, KCC 200DE

Editions Due EARLY to Portfolio Organizer by November 15, 2014.
Organized by Anita Jung
Email: anita-jung@uiowa.edu

This portfolio project celebrates vinyl records. Knoxville is a great music city inside of a great music state, they even put musical instruments on their commemorative quarter.


Participants can pull from some of the music history of Knoxville or their personal relationship with vinyl. Records are flat spheres, sort of, that is at least how I arrived at this idea. This project leaves a lot to artistic interpretation regarding materials used as well as if the print is just a record or a record within an album; a round or square print, vinyl records also have two sides, each comprising one half of an album, etc

Print Size: The record size we will be using is the classic 12-inch. The 12-inch record's album cover dimensions are 12.5 x 12.5 inches, records are round, albums are square. Your print can be either 12 inches round or 12.5 x 12.5 inches square, or both.

Edition size: 30 

Technique: “Printcentric,” meaning all prints should use some hand printed processes – lithography, intaglio, relief printing, screen printing;  but may contain digital elements, found elements and variable elements.

Participation fee: $35

James Bailey
Stephanie Beisel
Yael Brotman
Erik Brunvand
Burt Bucher
Tom Christison
Marc Cote
Midwest Pressed (Tim Dooley and Aaron Wilson)
Catherine Dreiss
Susan Goldman
Sarah Noreen Hurtt
Anita Jung
Hilary Lorenz 
Lee Marchalonis
Clay McGlamory
Michael McGovern
The Scavengers (Amy Newell and Jason Ruhl)
Kristina Paabus
Mike Sonnichsen
Zach Stensen
Sylvia Taylor
Marilyn Turner
Breanne Trammel
Jessie Van der Laan
Summer Ventis
Erik Waterkotte

Anita Jung
Studio Arts Building
University of Iowa
1375 Hwy. 1 West
Iowa City, IA  52246