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exchange portfolio


Viewing and Pick-Up : Thursday, March 19, C Session, 1:45pm-3:15pm, KCC 200DE

Editions Due to Portfolio Organizer: December 15, 2014

Organized by John Driesbach
Email: jgdriesbach@gmail.com

Explorations (in the Round) of the World Around…

“Mondo” the Italian word for “World” or Earth… meaning all encompassing. “Tondo” the term for a circular composition. For the organizer, familiarity with the term “Mondo” dates from the early sixties movie: Mondo Cane. Some of the younger participants have no recollection of the film. Mondo Cane was supposed to shock viewers in the placid early sixties. Its slapdash construction of nominally documentary footage placed Western mourners weeping over their lost pets adjacent to footage of those same animals butchered for dinner in other parts of the world. Later “Mondo” exploitation films turned toward mud wrestling, nude skiing, circumcision rituals, slave trade, and strange obsessions and rituals from throughout the world. “Mondo Cane,” the phrase, is an Italian idiom roughly equivalent to “dog gone it.” But, in the aftermath of the movie, the term mondo has become synonymous with Invited participants explore themes of their choosing in a tondo---circular format. Twenty-one impressions and two additional prints for the SGCI archive will be presented in a fifteen-inch film canister along with a frontispiece.

Paper Size: 14.5 inch diameter

Edition Size: 22

Technique: Open to all print media including digital

Participation Fee: $75

Charles Beneke (Akron, Ohio)
Mary Joe Bole (Ceramicist, Columbus, Ohio)       
Doug Bosley (Madison, Wisconsin)
Veronica Ceci (Austin, Texas)
Hui Chu (Akron, Ohio)
Marc Cote (Framingham, Massachusetts)
John Driesbach (Akron, Ohio)
Chema Elexpuru (Bilbao, Spain)
Rachel Heberling (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Ina Kaur (Tampa, Florida)
Eilleen Macdonald (Chico, California)
Jyrki Markkanen (Jyvaskyia, Finland)
Golbanu Moghaddas (San Francisco, California)
Ellen Jean Price (Oxford, Ohio)
Kathryn Polk (Tucson, Arizona)
Andrew Polk (Tucson, Arizona)
Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz (Corpus Christi, Texas)
Humberto Saenz  (Wichita, Kansas)
Bradlee Shanks (Tampa, Florida)
Cat Snapp (Orlando, Florida)
Perry Tymeson (Jersey City, New Jersey)