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panel session C1


Nowlin Panel

THURSDAY MARCH 19, 1:45-3:15PM

Session Chair: Kristin Powers Nowlin, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA

Email: kpnowlin@semo.edu

This session will explore how our profession, making prints, relates to the economic strength of the local communities in which we live and work. Specifically, it will explore how printmaking has been and can be used as a driver for economic stimulus in communities of all sizes. Panelists are sought with insights on any of the following: selling their prints/printed matter though websites or storefronts, non-profit or for-profit art centers that include printmaking studios, artist residency programs, independent print publishers, print publishers associated with universities, or other similar business ventures involving printmaking. How has your activity/business either sustained or revitalized the economy in your community? Has any government assistance helped or hindered your business? Do you have any regrets or points of pride in your contribution to your community? Has there been a groundswell of other artists in your area contributing to the economy? Why or why not?

Presenter 1: Benjamin D. Rinehart, Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
Paper Title: The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop

The mission of the Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop is to cultivate a deeper understanding of printmaking as an artistic process. This is facilitated through a liberal arts curriculum in order to lead community engaged programming and projects. It also strives to foster collaborations with other departments, and to cultivate new relationships with contemporary printmakers and collectors from around the world. Paper Fox hosts 2-3 artists per year to create an edition of prints during their visit at Lawrence University. The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop receives one half of the completed prints. The Artist retains the remaining prints and any artist proofs. The organization also hosts an annual “Print & Ceramic Sale” each spring in conjunction with the Fox Cities Book Festival. This is an opportunity for students and faculty to engage the public through workshops, demonstrations, a silent auction, raffle, and sale of student and professionally produced prints and ceramics.

Presenter 2: Karen Kunc, The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
Paper Title: The Constellation Metaphor

Karen Kunc will present the impetus for her new print center Constellation Studios, in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Conceived as a hybrid, Constellation Studios is Kunc’s personal studio, while offering a residency program, invited publishing, a community work-site, gallery and archives.  This effort at this time is ultimately a legacy project, to preserve and promote “print-itude”, and an effort to fulfill her teaching of printmaking, book arts, papermaking to generations of artists.  Perceptions on a life spent teaching, and the reality of the results, the needs of the community, and to retain a lively life are all equally strong motivations that spark this new direction and permanent home for equipment, experience and know-how, archives and collections…..and to take charge and ‘Do It Yourself’, which has always been a necessity and empowerment in Karen’s life.   How-to, setbacks, self-doubts, investment costs and justifications, are all part of this transition.

Presenter 3: Nathan Meltz, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA
Paper Title: Building a Biennial: How Upstate New York Embraced the East Coast National Screenprint Biennial

Do you have a dream printmaking show in mind? The show where you would bring together all of your favorite printmakers into one exhibition? In the summer of 2013, printmaker Nathan Meltz started planning his “dream show.” After a few months, this idea snowballed into an exhibition with thirty-one different printmakers from around the country confirmed to send work to the upstate New York city of Troy, where Meltz lives and works. Then, satellite exhibitions followed, artists were making plans to attend the symposium affiliated with the exhibition, a group of dedicated volunteers spent hours preparing, and the East Coast National Screenprint Biennial was formed. Meltz will present on the formation and implementation of the first ever East Coast National Screenprint Biennial, and how the effort became a partnership with municipal officials, private business owners, artists, designers, brewers, and more, in order to create a meaningful printmaking-based event.

Presenter 3: Liz Maugans, Zygote Press, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Paper Title: Educational Mobility as Economic Fuel

Since 2010, Zygote Press’ programs grew by 400% after the launch of our PRESS-ON-WHEELS (POW) program. POW is a fleet of print vehicles that take print-education, demonstration, and action directly to the public through festivals, schools residencies, and citywide events. These activities increased our revenue and energized our internship program. Interns and resident artists facilitated these programs and gained experience, income, and connections in our community. POW's popularity spurred new issues of space with our contract printing editions. Devoted space for creating editions was limited, so this inspired the beginning of the INK HOUSE expansion into a new neighborhood arts and music district. Anticipated revenue from this expansion will allow for new mentorship printing programs, design collaborations, and opportunities that increase both on and offsite traffic. As the contract printing drives new collaborations with artists and musicians, new opportunities continue to fuel further visibility and connection with our community.