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Prints in peculiar places

spinning our truths

L&N STEM Academy Historic Crane

Sarah Marshall
Dr. Kathryn St. Clair Ellis
Wayne Suhbier

“Spinning Our Truths” is a collaboration between Sarah Marshall, Associate Professor Art from The University of Alabama, Dr. Kathryn St. Clair Ellis, from Legal Aid of East Tennessee, and Wayne Suhrbier, Owner, High Temperature Tools & Refractory, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This project deals with perceptions of, and public behavior toward, women. Our culture often portrays women as good-conduct prizes, awarded to male characters that have successfully completed a series of tasks. These fictional narratives reinforce the notion that women exist for the convenience of men, and they contribute to the way men treat real women. Excuses for sexist behavior begin when men are young; “boys will be boys” or “it’s just a guy thing.” Frequently these excuses are offered in a spirit of biological determinacy, implying that men hold limited responsibility for their actions. Working with Ms. Ellis and LAET, the project will solicit abuse survivors to share their stories. Text from these personal narratives will be paired with text from movies, books, and games, and then etched or screenprinted onto slats of metal or wood. These text units will be arranged into hanging spiral sculptures, shaped like the popular wind ornaments and referencing the double helix of DNA, which often determines our social roles.