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instructions for portfolio organizers


All theme exchange portfolios will have two additional sets, one for the SGC International Archives at the Zuckerman Museum of Art and one for the Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture at the University of Tennessee. Typically, the colophon and/or title page of the portfolio should list this information. For the SGCI Archives, each portfolio organizer should complete a SGCI Portfolio Datasheet. In addition, each portfolio participant should complete two forms, an Artist Print Data Sheet and an SGCI Limited Purpose Release. Portfolio organizers will be responsible for collecting and turning in this documentation with the set of their portfolio for the SGCI Archives.


All theme exchange portfolios have a dedicated URL on the conference web site. The description of your portfolio and the list of participants posted on the web site should be checked by the portfolio organizer for accuracy, as this will be the basis for the information to be printed in the conference program. Any changes should be sent to Jessie Van der Laan (jvander5@utk.edu) by January 10, 2015, at the latest.

Please review this document of signs being prepared for display of your portfolios, and email SGCI2015@gmail.com, with any changes by Friday, February 13, 2015.


With a few exceptions, most theme exchange portfolios will be exhibited in the Art and Architecture Building on the UT campus. Portfolio organizers are asked to ship the University of Tennessee copy of the portfolio to the UT School of Art to arrive no later than March 5, 2015. This should be the numbered edition for donation to the Ewing Gallery, and should be clearly labeled if you are sending this with additional portfolios. Most portfolios will be installed in advance in our Art and Architecture Building for conference viewing Friday, March 19. We will take care of de-installation of all portfolios.


Portfolio organizers are asked to email a MS Word document to Jessie Van der Laan (jvander5@utk.edu) with the following information by March 1, 2015: Name of Artist City/State/Country of Artist Title of Work Medium Please include a label for the title page and/or colophon. We will produce the labels for all theme portfolios using a common typeface. We request that all works sent for exhibition are clearly identified, and when appropriate, indicate the top if this may be a potential issue.


To provide an additional opportunity to see the portfolios, meet the organizers, and to assist portfolio organizers in distributing the completed portfolios to participants, the schedule below has been developed for table presentations on Thursday, March 19th in room 200DE of the Knoxville Convention Center. Portfolio organizers should contact their participants and inform them of this arrangement, and confirm those who plan to pick up their completed portfolios at the conference. If portfolio organizers wish to ship the portfolios to Knoxville in advance of the conference, they should use the address below, to arrive no later than March 5, 2015. Shipped boxes with portfolios for distribution will be brought to 200DE of the Knoxville Convention Center. Portfolio organizers may wish to include bubble wrap or some other protective cover for participants who wish to pick up their portfolios at the conference. The SGCI Archive copy for each portfolio will also be collected at KCC 200DE along with paperwork indicated above.

Thursday March 19, 2015, KCC 200DE, 10:00-11:30am

Liz Kimek and Melanie Yazzie, “Dog Head Stew: The Second Course”

Emmy Linscheit, Michael Barnes and Sarah Smelser, “Agritopia: Aventures in the Global Food Chain”

Kristin Powers Nowlin, “Mapping the Mississippi”

James Boyd-Brent and Josh Bindewald, “Sphere of Existence”

Thursday March 19, 2015, KCC 200DE, 12:00-1:30pm

Paper Buck, “It Never Ends: Queers in the Historical Present”

Wuon-Gean Ho, “Distortion”

Sophia Knee, “Sphere of Influence”

Guen Montgomery, All’s Fair at the Fair”

Thursday March 19, 2015, KCC 200DE, 1:45-3:15pm

John Dreisbach, “Mondo Tondo”

Rich Gere, “Will the Circle be Unbroken”

Anita Jung, “Vinyl”

Ashton Ludden, “Better Living”

Thursday March 19, 2015, KCC 200DE, 3:30pm-5:00pm

Justin Diggle, “Expectation of Privacy”

Karla Hackenmiller, “Bubble Up”

Tatiana Potts and Kelsey Stephenson, “Randomly on Purpose”


As noted in the call for participation, portfolio participants who can not pick up their portfolios at the conference will be responsible for return shipping. Portfolio organizers should make arrangement with participants if this is the case.


SGC International Conference Exchange Portfolios
School of Art
1715 Volunteer Blvd.
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-2410