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Reception: Thursday, March 19, Emporium Gallery, 6pm-9pm

Yee-Haw Industries

Organized by B. J. Alumbaugh
The Emporium Arts Center Balcony Gallery
March 6-29, 2015, Reception: Thursday, March 18, 6pm-9pm

This exhibition will be comprised of letterpress prints from Yee-Haw Industries collected by the people of Knoxville. The exhibition will be held at the Emporium Art Center Balcony Gallery in conjunction with the SGC International Printmaking Conference and seeks to celebrate the legacy of Yee-Haw Industries and its significance for people living in East Tennessee.

This exhibition is made possible by the collectors who have loaned artwork from their collection. The show will include these pieces:

From the Collection of Coral Turner
Hank Williams, Secret Theory
Rossini Festival 2010

From the Collection of Tere Stouffer
Obama 08, Barock the Vote

From the Collection of Gordon Burghardt
Heaven or Hell, Snake Handling

From the Collection of Reg Perry
Dreams Do Come True, Inauguration Day

From the Collection of Mary Beth Cary Reagan
Leave No Trace, Smoky Mountains National Park
The Other Kind of Socialist, Jack Daniels
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cartoon Network

From the Collection of Eric Dawson

From the Collection of Bert Richie
Cas Walker, He Whooped The Hell Out Of Shoplifters

From the Collection of Holly Williams
Bill Rouda/Lucinda Williams

From the Collection of Brian R. Jobe
Applause! Hunt Clark & Bryan Baker, One Night Only

From the Collection of Katherine Ries

From the Collection of Marcia Goldenstein
Metro Fest Lineup

From the Collection of Claire Jamieson
Die Cut Quilt, Sewn by Claire Jamieson

From the Collection of Adrienne & Stanton Webster
Presidential and Vice-Presidential Wrestling

From the Collection of Charlotte Tolley
Farmers’ Market Series

From the Collection of UTK Library Special Collections
Ironwood Studios New Year’s Eve 2008
Yee-Haw Since 1992, Britney Promo
Birds in a Tree by Bjorn Lie
Appalshop Lineup
Hilltop Dinner and Dance
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Laurel High School Benefit
Baseman Show Prints

From the Collection of Jason Boardman
Pilot Light Show Prints

From the Collection of UTK Printmaking Department
Conspiracy Theory Series

From the Collection of Lisa Higginbotham and Kevin Clark

From the Collection of Jesse Campbell Wojcik
Cutshaw Nation
Venetian Specimen Sheet

From the Collection of Liam Hysjulien and Crista Cuccaro
Obama ‘08 Campaign Poster

From the Collection of Shaun Parrish and Meg Hunter-Parrish
Robert Johnson

B. J. Alumbaugh is a MFA student in Studio Art (Printmaking) at The University of Tennessee.  He worked at Yee-Haw Industries for four years until it’s closing in 2012. Contact him at: bjalumbaugh@gmail.com.