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featured exhibition

Circumference and radius: C=2πR= Economies of Distance

Reception: Friday, March 20, Room 103, Art and Architecture Building, UTK Campus, 6pm-8:30pm

Organized by Deborah Cornell

The sphere of the earth is huge and dynamic, yet invisible from its surface. A line from Boston Massachusetts to Perth Australia goes halfway around the circumference of the globe. But mapping through the planet – a line twice the distance from its center – is much shorter. Globalization and the internet also reduce the distance separating locations and individuals, connecting artists, and the world print community more closely as it becomes radially cohesive and interrelated. This creates a web of connection around our sphere, a network that maps the locations of print activity on the planet. However, the realities of technological development and instant communication - and of actual geographic distance between communities –create a divergence, a tension between the tangible expanses of real space and real time and the much more instantaneous route of electronic connection or even of imagination. These diverging realities form a compelling representation of the economies of contemporary distance. This exhibition includes the work of ten pairs of printmakers from around the world, from opposing quadrants - countries that (loosely) reflect diverging points on the earth. The artists are partnered according to position in opposing quadrants of the hemisphere (n/s, e/w). Themes include shifts of position, arcs, vectors, and arabesques through space and time, imagined connections or relations in global or local space, and shifting concepts of time and distance.

Janette Brossard, Cuba
Alicia Candiani, Argentina
Deborah Cornell, USA
Jan Davis, Australia
Umberto Giovannini, Italy
Clare Humphries, Australia
Aleksandra Janik, Poland
Mirta Kupferminc, Argentina
Michelle Murillo, USA
Karen Oremus, UAE
Isabela Prado, Brazil
Michael Reed, New Zealand
Elaine Shemilt, Scotland
Kavita Shah, India
Cathryn Shine, New Zealand
Dominic Thorburn, South Africa
Lucrecia Urbano, Argentina and Chile
Annu Vertanen, Finland
Melanie Yazzie, USA
Barbara Ziegler, Canada