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Award Presentation:
Printmaker’s Ball, Saturday March 21, 2015, Knoxville Convention Center, Ballroom D-C-E, between band sets

Eun Lee

Honorary Members of the Council are individuals who have demonstrated outstanding service to the SGCI organization. Nominations are solicited from the membership and accepted by the SGCI Awards Committee. The recipient is made a permanent, honorary member of the SGC International and is granted a lifetime membership. 

Eun Lee has been involved with the SGC International in one form or another since 2002. At that time she was a Student Member on the SGCI Board, and headed up the “Student Panel” at Print Gumbo, the 30th Annual Southern Graphics Council Conference, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She later served as President of SGC International from 2010-2012, and assisted in organizing the SGC International hosted 2012 Navigating Currents Conference, which, coincidentally was once again in New Orleans. Last year, Eun Lee served as the SGCI Conference Liaison for the Bridges, Conference in San Francisco.  Current SGCI President David Jones, in tribute to Eun Lee notes “Every once in a while one has the good fortune of meeting an individual who is a force of nature, a dynamo of a human being. This is Eun Lee.”

Eun was born in Seoul, Korea and has been teaching Printmaking at Savannah College of Art beginning the fall of 2006. She is the program coordinator for the printmaking minor in Savannah and currently serves as the Conference Coordinator of SGC International, the largest printmaking organization in North America. During her tenure with SGCI, she has served as President, Vice President of External Affairs, Chair of the Nominations Committee, Chair of the Awards Committee and Student Representative. She has also served the prior SGEO organization as President and Vice President. Eun received her MFA from the University of Notre Dame and her BFA from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
As a conceptually driven artist, Eun is constantly exploring new marks and images. The work is most often a materialization of her personal diasporic cultural experiences as a continually evolving conscious being. Utilizing a combination of extreme and subtle visual language in order to preserve a controlled disclosure, Eun’s work reveals the unavoidable dichotomies of any and all situations. “I am interested in simultaneously portraying the controlled and uncontrolled, perceived good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable, balanced and unbalanced, and the philosophy that perfection must always be fluid.”