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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Living Wage Study Task Report 2005


This report is the work of a Task Force appointed in January 2005 by Candace White, then president of the University of Tennessee Faculty Senate. The task force was charged with updating and extending an earlier study that was carried out in 2000/2001 in conjunction with a living wage campaign then being waged on the UTK campus. The final report was delivered to the senate in November 2005.

Public Forum

There will be a public forum to discuss the 2005 Living Wage Study on Wednesday January 18th, 2006, from noon to 2pm in the University Center Shiloh Room. All members of the university community are invited to attend.

References and Resources - Links to further Readings on the Living Wage Issue

An html version of Appendix O of the Task Force report is now available with links to the online references and resources.

Living Wage Archives from 2000-2001