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Senate Bylaws Description



Chair: Richard Strange

1 Baldwin Lee
2 Richard Strange
3 Esteban Walker
4 Paula Carney
5 Susan Smith
6 Julia A Malia
7 Gary McDaniel
8 Marlys Staudt
9 Gilya Sehmidt
10 William Hart
11 Roxanne Hovland
12 Mark Hedrick
13 Dan Ward
14 Teresa Berry
15 Normal Cook

Chad Toney, Grad Student Rep
Geoffrey Stewart,Grad Student Rep
Chris Oswalt, Grad Student Rep

Brent Jones, Undergrad Student Rep
Marwa El Messidi, Undergrad Student Rep

Beverly Anderson: Undergrad Academic Affairs
S. Kay Reed: Assoc. Dean of Grad School
(Advisor: OIRA Coordinator for SAIS - Jo Lynch)

2002-2003 Objectives:

  1. Direct the nomination and selection of recipients for the Provost/Faculty Senate advising and teaching awards.
  2. Oversee the implementation of the Student Assessment of Instruction System (SAIS).
  3. Conducted a series of programs for professional development of faculty and graduate students in the area of instruction and advising.



Meeting Date




September 18, 2002   click here  
October 16, 2002   click here  
November 20, 2002   click here  



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