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Faculty Senate Teaching Council
Richard Strange, chair
11-20-02 Meeting
8:30 AM UC 203

Members in Attendance:

Paula Carney
Mark Hedrick
Baldwin Lee
Jo Lynch
Gary McDaniel
Mary Papke (for Kay Reed)
Richard Strange

The first topic of the meeting was the effectiveness of the Teaching and Advising Awards nominating process. Ms. Carney gave the report from the Awards Committee. The Teaching Council awards coincide with the National Alumni Association awards and some people might confuse the two. Maybe in the future the two organizations could coordinate the nominating processes. Nomination forms are currently available at the UC information desk, in 211 Music Building, and online. The nominations are beginning to come in at a steady rate. The deadline for nominations is December 3.

The bylaws committee met on Monday, 11-18, and discussed the effectiveness of the Learning Resource Center, which no longer exists.
At the Teaching Council meeting on Wednesday, Mr. McDaniel suggested a faculty improvement seminar to support the quality of teaching campus-wide. This seminar should be offered on an annual basis.
Mr. Strange suggested opening a new staff center. This center could be the home of the improvement seminar. The main focus would be the improvement of the general quality of teaching.
Currently, the ITC provides electronic teaching resources.

Ms. Lynch gave a report from the SAIS Subcommittee on the effectiveness of the system. Topics included the availability of the comment sheets, student representation on the subcommittee, and strategies for moving the evaluation online. The use of Blackboard for evaluations was suggested.


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