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Senate Committee to revise the Faculty Handbook

Marian Moffett, Chair

Members include: Mary Albrecht, Michael Combs (ex-officio), William Dunne, Clark Garland, Bob Glenn, Katherine Greenberg, John Haas, Peter Hoeyng, Benita Howell, David Patterson, Charles Reynolds, Joe Trahern, and Jon Coddington.

Senate Committee on Contingent Faculty (new name tba)

Alan Chesney, Chair

Members include: Don Cox, John Haas, Ray Hamilton, Marva Rudolph, Don Scroggins, Dolly Young, Penny Tschantz, Jenny Fowler, Amadou Sall, Denise Harvey and others TBA.


Senate Committee on Equity and Diversity

David Patterson, Chair


Senate Retreat Planning Committee

Kathy Greenberg, Chair

Membership being established

President's Advisory Committee

A special committee of senate leaders for the purpose of advising the president of the senate in matters relating to his (her) role as chief spokesperson for the Faculty Senate and the University Faculty. Membership being appointed.

Leadership Roundtable

A special committee including as the core membership: the presidents and vice presidents of the SGA and the GSA, the president of the faculty senate, and the chair of the senate student affairs committee. Other leaders involved as related to agenda.


As per the senate bylaws, other committees may be created as needed:

"Other committees, standing and special, may be established from time to time. The members of all committees shall hold office for one year from the time of their appointment, unless otherwise specified."
Article III. Section 4 of the Senate Bylaws


For information about Standing Committes of the Senate, click here.


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