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Senate Bylaws Description

2002-2003 MEMBERS

Chair: Louis Gross

1 Louis Gross
2 Bill Nugent
3 Barbara Dewey
4 Wayne Mulkey
5 Mark Hedrick
6 Katherine Greenberg
7 Tom Davies
8 David Reidy
9 Beauvais Lyons
10 Greg Reed

Sylvia Davis: VP of Budget & Finance
Phil Scheurer: VP for Operations


2002-2003 Objectives:

The Faculty Senate Budget Committee intends to increase information flow in two directions:
(i) to faculty and staff from administrators in order to help make the budgeting process as transparent as possible and to enhance the discussion among faculty and staff about the significant impacts of budgetary decisions (ii) to administrators from faculty and staff in order to provide regular feedback on the impact of possible administrative actions.

In particular, specific goals for this year are to:

  1. Provide input to the administration on modifications of the budget hearing process;
  2. Seek greater faculty input on administrative committees dealing with financial matters for the campus;
  3. Revise the methodology used for the annual report on faculty salaries; and
  4. Work towards streamlining budgetary approvals on campus.


All meetings begin at 3:30 pm.

Meeting Date




August 13, 2002   click here  
August 26, 2002   click here  
September 23, 2002   click here  
October 14, 2002   click here  
November 11, 2002   click here Research Foundation
December 2, 2002   click here  
January 27, 2003      
February 24, 2003      
  2002 Faculty Salary Survey (pdf file)
March 10, 2003      
April 21, 2003 Minutes   Resolution

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