Couple Based Stress Reduction Program

The Couple Based Stress Reduction Program sought to make mindfulness, a  portable, low-cost, strategy ,more accessible to this population to help improve and maintain their individual and relationship health. This project was led by Katie Lenger. She and Dr. Gordon  developed a brief two-session mindfulness protocol for couples that was  disseminated to couples in a setting of their choosing (i.e., home or local clinic). This project was supported by the Francisco J. Varela Award from the Mind and Life Institute.

This project would not have been possible without the help of intervention facilitators and dedicated research assistants:

Sarah Johnson, M.A.
Cara McClain, M.A.
Pamela Rosecrance, M.A.
Taylor Younginer, M.A.

Research Assistants
Caira Ellis, B.A.
Briana Schubert, B.A.
Amanda Fox, B.A.
Stevie Thompson, B.A.

For more information about this project, feel free to contact, Katie Lenger at