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Mediated Presentations Developed and Produced

Brewer, E. W. Shop Safety Program for Instructors' Classroom Instruction. Developed and Produced a mediated series of twelve (12) presentations on shop safety for the Instructor Training Institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to the series, developed an Administrative Manual, User's Manual, and Test Manual.

Brewer, E. W. & Cameron, W. Vocational Information Program. Co-developed and produced a mediated series of fourteen (14) audio/visual presentations for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a consultant for the Department of Labor.

Brewer, E. W. Career, Educational and Financial Aid Series. Developed and Produced a slide/tape series of twelve (12) presentations on Career, Educational and Financial Aid under a U. S. Department of Education Grant.

Cameron, W., Brewer, E. W., & Traver, G. Orientation to Employability Skills. Assisted in the Development and Production of a filmstrip series of ten (10) presentations on Orientation to Employability Skills under a grant funded by USOE (produced these with Dr. Cameron and Dr. Traver).

Educational Learning Packages

Co-authored 43 self-learning educational packages with Professors at Murray State

University via a contract with U.S. Department of Labor and Dingle Associates, Washington, D.C.. Some of the packages included: An Introduction to Teaching Skills, 48 pages; Using Questioning Techniques, 49 pages; Conduct A Simulation; Give an Illustrated Talk, 52 pages; Develop Instructional Aids, 38 pages; Determine Student's Individual Differences; and Evaluate Student's Progress. Coordinated by Dr. David Barbee.


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