Casebook Readings*: Group 12.

Other Conditions That May Be A Focus of Clinical Attention
Additional Codes
Criteria Sets and Axes Privided For Further Study
Culture-Bound and International Cases

  1. An Iron Will. Pp. 10- 13
  2. A Family Affair. Pp. 51-53
  3. Ataques de Nervios. Pp. 74-76
  4. Martial Arts. Pp. 159-161
  5. New Face. Pp. 219-221
  6. Goody Two Shoes. Pp. 221-223
  7. Sitting By The Fire. Pp. 248-250
  8. End Times. Pp. 304-308
  9. Fear of Thinking Aloud. Pp. 466-468
  10. Domestic Tyrant. Pp. 508-509

        * Spitzer, R. L., Gibbon, M., Skodol, A. E., Williams, J. B. W., First, M. B. (2002). DSM-IV-TR casebook: A learning companion to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (4th. ed., text revision). Washington, D. C.: American Psychiatric Press, Inc.

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Last Updated: 9 September 2003