Supervised Research

Wes Morgan, Ph.D.

303-B Austin Peay
Phone: 974-7167


489 Supervised Research (1-9) Prereq: Consent of instructor. May be repeated. Maximum 12 hours in 399, 489, 491, and 493 combined may be applied toward the major. E

To Sign up for a Psychology Research Course:

  1. Check the Recruitment Document (see below) for the project you are interested in.

  2. Make an appointment with the contact person (Dr. Morgan).

  3. If you meet the requirements, have the Dr. Morgan fill out and sign a contract (see below) and sign a drop/add slip.

  4. Return the signed contract and drop/add slip to the Student Services Office, Room 307 Austin Peay.

  5. Obtain a section number for your course and a Dept. Head stamp for the drop/add slip while you are in the Student Services Office. The office will retain the contract.

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