Undergraduate Research/Field Practucum Offering

Recruitment Document

Faculty Supersisor:    Wesley Morgan, Ph.D.

Course Number:     Psych. 489                                           Number of Student Openings:    2

Credit Hours Offered:     1-3                                               Semester Needed:     Fall, Spring, Summer

Contact Person:    Wes Morgan

Room Number:    Austin Peay 303-B             Phone Number:     974-7167             Time:    Any


Students are desired to help with the design and conduct of one of several research projects. The projects include (1) the history and use of graphic art images in psychological testing, (2) what makes high-heeled shoes special, and (3) the development of aesthetic judgements of physical attractiveness.


            Course, year level, gpa, pre-requisite(s):

Students who are Junior psychology majors and who have a GPA of >3.0 are most desired. Abnormal Psychology (Psych. 330) is a desired pre-requisite course.

            Special Skills/Aptitudes:

No special skills are required, but experience with SPSS for Windows, PhotoShop, or photography would be helpful.

            Personal Qualities:

Curiosity, dependability, persistence, and attention to detail are needed.

Last Revised: September 2, 1997