Theories of Personality

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Required Texts:

          Pervin, L. A., & John, O. P. (2001). Personality: Theory and Research (8th. ed.). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Course Objectives

This course will familiarize the student with eight different theories of personality representing four different apporaches or paradigms. Assessment techniques, methods of behavioral change (psychotherapy) and representative research issues associated with each theory will also be studied. The student should be able to compare and contrast these various theories, related techniques, and issues in an informed manner by the conclusion of the course.

Office Hours

Regular office hours are by appointment on Thursday mornings from 8:00 to 9:30 AM Appointments with the instructor may be made at other times as well.


Exams will cover the textbook readings and class lectures and discussions. They will consist of both short discussion questions and short answer questions (Word Associate and/or multiple choice). Discussion questions may be cumulative (thus the increased weight of the final exam).

Make-up exams will be given only for excused absences and will be administered on Thursday, July 1, at 3:00 PM.


Five very short unannounced quizzes over the assigned readings will make up 10 percent of the course grade.


You are to complete the following two papers for 10 percent each of the course grade. All papers are due at class time. No exceptions.

Extra Credit

You may complete additional projects for extra credit (not to exceed one-half letter grade). All extra credit projects are due on Friday, June 25, at class time. No exceptions.

Inclement Weather Policy

The instructor has a very good record of meeting his classes despite adverse weather conditions. Please plan to attend if the University is open. Check the UTK Inclement Weather Page for official announcements and University policy concerning class cancellations.

Accommodations and Adaptations

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a documented disability or if you have emergency information to share, please contact the Office of Disability Services at 191 Hoskins Library or 974-6087. This will ensure that you are properly registered for services.


This is Odlaw (Waldo spelled backwards). He will change locations throughout the semester, and if you find him (he will usually be smaller than this) and click the mouse pointer on him he will reveal a question to be used on an upcoming quiz or exam.

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Class Announcements

Announcements by the instructor will appear in this space as needed. Please check back often.

Class Schedule and Readings

June 1
Introduction, Overview and Maddi's Outline  
June 2
Sigmund Freud
Psychoanalytic Theory
Pervin & John: Chapt. 1
June 3
Video: "Young Dr. Freud" Part 1
Little Hans
Pervin & John: Chapt. 3
June 4
Projective Testing ( TAT and Ink Blots )
Freud Reading: "Mistakes in speech"
June 7
Carl Jung
Analytical Psychology
Pervin & John: Chapt. 4
Jung Reading: "Psychological types"
June 8
Carl Rogers
Person Centered Theory
Pervin & John: Chapt. 5
Rogers Reading: Orginization of personality
June 9
"Dr. Carl Rogers, Pt. 1" [BF121.D66]
Q-Sort Technique
Truax Study
Pervin & John: Chapt. 6
June 10
George Kelly
Theory of Personal Constructs
Pervin & John: Chapt. 11
June 11
Rep Test
Fixed-role Therapy
Pervin & John: Chapt. 12
Kelly Reading: Man's construction of his alternatives Image of Odlaw
June 14
Paper 1 Due (10 percent)
June 15
Midterm Exam
(30 percent)
June 16
Gordon Allport
Trait Theory
Pervin & John: Chapt. 7
June 17
"Dr. Gordon Allport, Pt. 2" [BF121.D56]
Dispositional Assumptions
Allport Reading: Concepts of trait and personality
June 18
Kitty Genovese
Altruism Studies
June 21
Factor Analytic Method
Raymond Cattell
Pervin & John: Chapt. 8
June 22
Hans Eysenck
The "Big Five"
Factor Analysis Reading: Structure of phenotypic personality traits Image of Odlaw
June 23
B. F. Skinner
Functional Analysis of Behavior
Pervin & John: Chapt. 10
June 24
"B. F. Skinner, Ph.D." [BF2.B44]
Skinner Reading: Superstition in the pigeon
June 25
Behavioral Assessment and Modification
Extra Credit Due
June 28
Albert Bandura & Walter Mischel
Cognitive-Social Learning Theory
Pervin & John: Chapt. 13
June 29
Delay of Reinforcement
Paper 2 Due
Bandura Reading: Transmission of aggression
June 30
Cognitive Behavior Modification Pervin & John: Chapt. 14
July 1
Comparison of Theories of Personality/Review Pervin & John: Chapt. 16
July 2
Final Exam 9:45 -- 11:15 AM
(40 percent)

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