Theories of Personality

Psychology 470

Paper 2

Read the following selection:

          White, Robert W. (1966). Hartley Hale, physician and scientist (Chapt. 2). In Lives in progress: A study of the natural growth of personality (2nd. ed.). New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. (Pp. 23-86).

Then write a four page paper describing Hartley Hale's personality and/or its development from the point of view of either Freud's or Skinner's theory. Illustrate at least four of the key concepts of the theory using material from the case history. Be sure to clearly state in your first sentence exactly which concepts you will be illustrating.

Each paper is to be typed, double-spaced and submitted unfolded, stapled without a cover but giving your name and the title of your paper on the first page. Please note that the paper is due at class time on the date given in the syllabus.

The Hartley Hale chapter is available from the Hodges Library Online Reserves as a PDF file at:

If you should have difficulty accessing the linked case study, please contact the desktop support group at

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