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Senate Bylaws Description


Chair: Sara Williams

1 Barbara Thayer-Bacon
2 Benita Howell
3 Sara Williams
4 Jens Gregor
5 Eleanor Read
6 David Basset Jr.
7 Joan Creasia
8 John C. Waller
9 Loretta Price
10 Mary English

Ex -Officio:
Loren Crabtree: Academic affairs officer
Anne Mayhew: Head of Graduate Education

John Hancock, Graduate Student Association Representative

2002-2003 Objectives:

  1. Compile a list of the professional development programs and opportunities now available and the application criteria for each program. Seek to include this information in the Faculty Handbook.
  2. Evaluate the results of last year's survey of junior faculty on their mentoring experiences. Review existing mentoring program guidelines and recommend any needed changes.



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