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Senate Bylaws Description



Chair: Wesley Morgan

1 Dennie Kelley , Ed/human Ecology
2 Wesley Morgan, Soc Science A&S
3 Leslie Hickok, Natl Science A&S
4 Ralph Harvey , Vet Med
6 Mark Harmon, Comm and Info Sci
7 Roland Roberts, Ag Science
8 Harold Roth, Business
9 Marlys Staudt, Social Work
10 Eliz Sutherland, Classics A&S
11 Marion Hansen, Materials Sci/Eng
12 Sandra McGuire, Nursing
13 Tom Davies, Law
14 T.K.Davis, Architecture and Design
15 Heather Hirshfield, Humanities, A&S

Barbara Dewey: Dean of Libraries
Aubrey Mitchell: Assoc. Dean of Libraries,
Laura Yust, GSA Representative
___________Undergrad Academic Council

2002-2003 Objectives:

  1. Develop plans to raise awareness of the faculty concerning the problems in scholarly publishing.
  2. Examine data from the Library Survey and develop proposals for action.
  3. Develop new suggestions for Library fund raising including Athletic Department support.
  4. Examine Library policies in light of new relationships to other UT campuses.



Meeting Date




Thursday, September 19 - 3:00 pm - 605 Hodges Library      
Thursday, October 17 - 3:00 PM - 605 Hodges Library      



Annual Report, 2002-2003 (PDF format)

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