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Senate Bylaws Description



Chair: Candace White

1 Candace White
2 Mark Harmon
3 Marianne Custer
4 Barbara Dewey
5 Ken Kimble (UTSI)
6 Bill Lyon
7 David Bemis

Tom Ballard: Central Administrator with responsibility for communications with State
Elizabeth Clement - SGA representative
Ben Sanders - SGA representative
Sam Morton- GSA representative

2002-2003 Objectives:

  1. Present information and assessments of campus needs from a faculty viewpoint to government entities at the local, state, and national levels, especially through communication with the Knox County delegations.
  2. Invite legislators and candidates to campus for forums, informal informational meetings, and debates.
  3. Work with administrators, staff, alumni, students, and university supporters to communicate campus priorities.
  4. Coordinate our efforts with the State AAUP Legislative Committee and the UTK AAUP chapter.
  5. Encourage the formation of a Political Action Committee to provide an avenue of support for higher education in Tennessee.



Meeting Date




Monday, September 16 - 3:30-4:30 pm - 605 Hodges Library   click here  



Annual Report, 2002-2003 (PDF format)


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