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Senate Bylaws Description


Chairs: Sal DiMaria and Jim Gehlhar, Co-chairs

1 Mary Rogge
2 John C. Waller
3 Desiriee Kennedy
4 Dukwon Kim
5 Douglas Birdwell (Chair, Research Council)
6 Barbara Thayer-Bacon
7 Ann Fairhurst
8 Esteban Walker
9 Tom Doherty
10 Sal DiMaria
11 Jim Gehlhar
12 Marlys Staudt
13 Jan Williams
14 George Smith
15 Marleen Kay Davis

Jim Gehlhar: Director of Center for International Education
Doug Birdwell: Chair of Research Council
Tim Rogers: Central Administrator Responsible for International Education
Prakash Doraiswamy, Graduate Student Association Representative

2002-2003 Objectives:

  1. Encourage through Faculty Handbook revisions and other means an atmosphere a UT in which faculty promotion and tenure committees will recognize that significant participation in international activities is central to the mission of the academy.
  2. Continue working to establish a cross-campus uniformity of procedures to maintain the payment of salary, benefits, etc. to faculty members who take their leave to travel outside the country to conduct research or participate in exchange programs.
  3. Strengthen efforts to educate the faculty about their own potential international options (through, for example, Fulbright) and about possibilities for their hosting academics from abroad on similar programs.
  4. Work to help ensure the availability of on-campus housing options for visiting international faculty and for international student visitors to the UT campus.
  5. Encourage UT to establish international student enrollment management policies and to involve itself actively in international student recruitment activities.

Note: The International Education Committee now assumes all duties and responsibilities of the former International Education Council.



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