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Senate Bylaws Description



Chair: David Patterson

Faculty :
1 Wes Hines
2 Maribeth Manoff
3 Majid Keyhani
4 David Basset Jr.
5 Susan Hamilton
6 Ken Kimble (utsi)
7 Loretta Price
8 Baldwin Lee
9 Chris Cox
10 Jon Levin
11 Benita Howell
12 Deseriee Kennedy (law degree)
13 William Robinson
14 David Patterson
15 Bruce Fisher

2002-2003 Objectives:

  • This committee shall concern itself with the development of criteria and procedures for faculty appointment, promotion, the granting of tenure, and discharge for cause, and related faculty concerns that the faculty may choose to present to the committee.
  • The committee also serves as the review committee for faculty complaints and grievances as outlined in the Faculty Handbook, Chapter III.
  • The Faculty Affairs Committee also serves on call by the chief academic officer as a fact-finding committee in matters of dismissal for cause.



Meeting Date







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