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Senate Bylaws Description



Chair: Fred Weber

1 Gary McDaniel
2 David Golden
3 Bruce Tonn
4 Tse-Wei Wang
5 Jon Coddington
6 Laverne Lindsey
7 Jeff McCabe

Chair of undergrad council
Majid Keyhani: Chair of Grad Council
_________Faculty Councilor from grad council
___________Faculty Councilor from undergrad council
Fred Weber: Chair of Inst. With Technology Sub Committee
Terri Alford, GSA Representative
___________Undergrad Academic Council Rep


2002-2003 Objectives:

1. Review the minutes of the Graduate and Undergraduate Councils and work with the Graduate and Undergraduate Council chairpersons to prepare the presentation of their minutes for Senate consideration, highlighting items of special importance and policy issues,
2. Investigate the restructuring of the Educational Policy Committee to better coordinate the work of the committee with other Faculty Senate committees in the area of educational policy,
3. Study the following policies, curricular, and instructional issues and make recommendations to the Senate regarding these items:
• Review and suggest improvements for the graduation office.
• The university's policy on faculty and staff access to student records.
• Nationalization of classrooms on the campus.



Meeting Date







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