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Senate Bylaws Description


Chair: Peggy Pierce


1 Mitzi Davis
2 Todd Diacon
3 William MacMorran
4 Todd Diacon
5 Karen Sowers
6 Julia A. Malia
7 David Anderson
8 Peggy Pierce
9 Bill Hamel
10 Bill Woodcock
11 Ann Fairhurst
12 Laverne Lindsey

Anne Mayhew: Chief Academic Administrator and Faculty Chair of UT
Athletics Board
Doug Dickey: Director of Athletics
Joan Cronan: Director of Women's Athletics
Harold Denton: Director of Student Recreation
Jason Witten: Student Athlete
Janelle Hester: Student Athlete

Austin Casselmann: Student Rep (Elected by SGA)
Lea Gebhardt: Student Rep (Elected by GSA)


2002-2003 Objectives:

  • Update report of academic success of student athletes compared to non-athletes.
  • Gather data and report student athletes' perceptions of academic experience-follow-up from spring 2002 meeting with student athletes.
  • Provide Faculty Forums on athletics and academics issues Continue to monitor Thornton Center academic support programs


Annual Report, 2002-2003 (PDF format)


Meeting Date







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