Student Affairs Minutes 04-05

Student Affairs Committee Goals, 2004-2005

MINUTES: Of the Faculty Senate Student Affairs Committee
Meeting held December 1, 2004, 3:30 p.m.

Present: Deborah Murphy (Chair), Candace White (Senate President), Peggy Pierce, Rita Smith, Mary McAlpine, Brian Edwards
Absent: John Ammons, Glenn Graber, Chaz Molder, Rachel Clement, Becca Torr, Jessica Hodge, Jenny Wright, Maxine Thompson, Tim Rogers

The Committee discussed the information gathered regarding the non-academic events sponsored by the various colleges, departments, and units on the UTK campus (see attached). Given the number of "informal" events already sponsored by the individual academic units, the Committee agreed not to pursue additional activities at this time.

The Committee recognized that this year represents a year of self-study for the Committee. After much discussion, the Committee agreed to review Hilltopics. Copies of Hilltopics will be sent to all committee members and discussed at the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned. Minutes approved April 11, 2005.

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