Library Minutes 04-05

Faculty Senate Library Committee

Eight members of the faculty senate library committee met and decided to poll our faculty members and students about 'problems' arising from trying to access materials from Hodges. Since LIBQual suggests that frustrations arise from the small negotiations that the software designers might not anticipate, we need to hear real-life stories from users. Please send me those instances that the Hodges Library staff can begin to work on. As a result of Doug Raber's talk to the Faculty Senate in November, faculty members showed concern about the Patriot Act's "chilling" effects. We agreed that Sibyl Marshall and Jinx Watson will draft a resolution regarding the Patriot Act. The committee surveyed samples from other universities and decided that UT Faculty Senate should express its concern about the far-reaching effects and ramifications of this federal legislation. In January, the committee will adopt or reject the resolution to take to the full Faculty Senate February meeting. The meeting was adjourned and some members attended the Open Forum on Neyland Stadium in the UC.

MINUTES 9-27-04

Attending: Jean Gauger, Dennie Kelley, George Dodds, Ron Peavey, Sybil Marshall, Sandra McGuire,
Casey Mock, Barb Dewey, Aubrey Mitchell, Jinx Watson

A moment of remembrance for Marian Moffett
Sandra McGuire offered the following comments to justify the existence of the committee:
  1. The committee is a direct link to Faculty Senate;
  2. The Library is a hub to all our work and a major investment by the university, so the committee can work to increase library visibility and keeping the university community informed on such issues such as Patriot's Act, privacy, and scholarly publishing;
  3. The Lib Qual results should be reviewed and priorities for change based on results communicated by this committee;
  4. We should help develop strategies for positioning the library in the capital campaign.
Barbara Dewey offered highlights of the Faculty Senate Committee work from the last 5 years:
  1. a) 2000-01 - scholarly communication (resulted in a brochure)
    b) President Gilly wanted to raise UT to the top 25% of public institutions and instituted the New College concept with a distance education component. Library Committee discussed implications for library use and system-wide resource sharing. The Faculty Senate committee wrote a resolution to the Faculty Senate to ensure adequate funding, but by fall, the initiative was gone when the President left.
  2. a) 2001-02 - committee advocated for library budget and it paid off in increased recurring and non recurring funding!
    b) Committee engaged with vendors of new library systems
    c) Linda Phillips discussed digital collection - this requires continuing dialogue regarding expenses for print and digitized materials
    d) Virtual services - "Ask Us, Now" interactive reference services launched
    e) Bundled science journals - a topic regarding expenses
  3. 2002-03 - data from LibQual showed areas of concern re the physical facility and collections
  4. a) 2003-04 - concern re the "public" nature of the Library with non-university use. Library instituted NetID log-in
    b) Patriot Act discussed; now ready to go to full Faculty Senate
    c) A new fine policy developed; must go to Chancellor this year
    d) VolPrint - pay for print -- now instituted
    e) LibQual survey - we'll put together a cover letter with added questions for UT specific issues.
Barbara Dewey shared the work and direction of other library advisory committees:
  1. Library reps from each department - assigned to make recommendations of purchases. Communicate changes in focus of department research directions. Obtains accreditation and program review statistic from library. Meet twice a year.
  2. Dean's Student Advisory Committee - for both graduate and undergraduate advise dean on policies. Meetings are open ended based on student issues. Gives advice on publishing events; develops food and drink policy; provides input on Webpage content
  3. Library Faculty Advisory Committee
  4. Library Staff Advisory Committee
  5. Friends of Library Executive Committee

    Committee determined that we find the slips of paper turned in at Retreat to negotiate the four goals of the committee. Nevertheless, the following ideas will represent the committee for purposes of Faculty Senate until next meeting:
  1. Advocate adequate resources to ensure appropriate access to scholarship and current issues needed by students and faculty; work on Capital Capaign;
  2. Work on issues related to intellectual freedom regarding scholarly
    pursuits and scholarly content (Patriot's Act and implications of privacy threats);
  3. Help library advance services through follow up on the 2004 library quality survey results;
  4. Explore expansion of Studio Services; space issues.
    Next meeting scheduled for Monday, November 29 at 3:30 in the Hodges Library Conference Room, 6th floor.

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