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Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting
August 19, 2002

Members Present: Mike Combs, Beauvais Lyons, Kathy Greenberg, Sam Jordan, Otis Stephens, Glenn Graber, Misty Anderson, Jon Coddington, Loren Crabtree, Sylvia Davis, Barbara Dewey, Salvatore DiMaria, Ann Fairhurst, Jim Gehlhar, Louis Gross, Carolyn Hodges, Laura Jolly, Majid Keyhani, Wesley Morgan, Bonnie Ownley, David Patterson, Paul Phillips, Peggy Pierce, John Shumaker, Richard Strange, Fred Weber, Olga Welch, Candace White, Sara Williams

Guests: Phil Scheurer

Introduction (M. Combs)
Combs called the roll and introduced each committee member.

Opening Statement by the Senate President (M. Combs)
Combs reminded everyone of his "Statement of Vision and Guiding Principles," a final draft of which was included with the agenda. He said he would like to focus this year on eliminating the "big orange screw," to focus and direct the Senate's work in an efficient way and to open lines of communication at all levels to better facilitate the charge from the Board of Trustees to the Faculty Senate. Combs then expressed his intent to preserve balance of input, his hope that all items requiring input or action will be provided as an agenda item in advance if at all possible, his desire to limit the length of meetings and to provide information in more ways, his intent to have a Presidential Advisory Group (consisting of Senate officers, M. Anderson, S. DiMaria, C. Hodges, C. White and P. Phillips) to meet with him on short notice when matters requiring a quick response arise, and, finally, his plan to get input concerning assignments to campus committees.

Minutes of the April 15, 2002, meeting of the Executive Committee were approved without

Dialogue with President Shumaker (J. Shumaker)
Shumaker reported that he is looking at the issue of whether the Knoxville campus needs a chancellor. He said he wants the Executive Committee's input on the matter. He hopes to take a proposal to the Board of Trustees in October. He is not interested in trying to manage the Knoxville campus, but he is willing to be available for discussions. He said he believes in openness and transparency. He also stated that he is talking about the structure of higher education in Tennessee with people in Nashville. Campus beautification in Knoxville is another area of activity. He then reasserted his commitment to shared governance.

L. Gross expressed concern about which programs would report to a chancellor and which would report to system administrators. Shumaker responded, in part, that athletics is a state-wide function and the system administration usually has responsibility for such functions, but that the whole matter will have to be discussed thoroughly. In response to a comment by Phillips, Shumaker said he does not think the system administration needs to reflect the campus administration, but again the matter will have to be discussed in detail. After B. Lyons commented that members of the Board of Trustees have been invited to the retreat in September, Shumaker said he would encourage Board members to attend. He also responded to a comment from M. Keyhani by saying that the success of athletics teams helps the institution's image, but it is not enough; many have expressed to him concern about how students sometimes are treated. He cautioned that marketing and communication efforts must be followed by sincere efforts to improve how students are treated. D. Patterson asked whether replacing a provost with a chancellor would weaken the focus on academic affairs. Shumaker responded that he would expect a chancellor to focus on academic affairs and to have a vicechancellor for academic affairs. He then listed several positive aspects of the academic program. In response to another question from Gross, Shumaker said that he would seek faculty, staff and student input before making decisions about reallocations. He noted that discussions on how to refocus and reshape UTSI have already begun with various constituencies in Tullahoma; constituencies in Knoxville also will be involved. It was noted that the UTSI budget is roughly $78,000 per student and about half of the students are international students.

Dialogue with Provost Crabtree (L. Crabtree)
Crabtree noted that he is in agreement with Shumaker on the matter of shared governance and that he hopes to eliminate "command and control." He also said that students may be first, but they are not customers who can buy something off the shelf; they are co-creators of learning and knowledge. He then said that he wants to add to "students first" the phrase "faculty first." He said he would like for the Faculty Senate to be more nimble and more effective in order to change the nature of governance. In response to a question from Keyhani about having department heads or department chairs, Crabtree said he likes five-year terms with a significant review to determine whether the leadership continues. He added that authority, accountability and responsibility must be placed with the deans and department heads and everyone must buy into the collective mission of the institution. He agreed that better evaluation is needed. Phillips noted that there had been a recommendation to switch to chairs, but the president at the time rejected the idea on the grounds that he wanted to be able to remove any administrator at any time. DiMaria asked whether Crabtree would favor elections of department heads by the faculty and of deans by the heads. Crabtree said he had operated under that system and found it effective and, in particular, had removed a dean because of substantiated faculty complaints. He also said that he prefers a faculty handbook with succinct policies that will outlive any particular administrator.

Campus Tour by Vice President Scheurer (P. Scheurer)
Scheurer distributed copies of the Master Plan for the Knoxville campus and then discussed it. Parking is being moved to the periphery of campus. A surface parking lot in Fort Sanders will be converted to a park. Renovation of Hesler is another major project. Part of Alumni Memorial Building will be used for the first time this term. A pedestrian mall, an outdoor amphitheater, a time line of campus history and an "arts quad" will change the west end of the main campus. Scheurer also distributed information on classroom upgrades.
Review of the Shiloh Room/Full Senate Meetings (M. Combs)
Combs asked that everyone read the material (distributed with the agenda) on these topics and send him any comments.


Faculty Handbook Committee (J. Coddington)
Coddington noted that, in light of some of the comments by the provost, the committee will look at policies concerning centers and institutes.

Also, Combs presented the new and continuing special committees for 2002-03. All were approved with no objection form the Executive Committee. Beauvais Lyons offered corrections to the membership list and there was no discussion. The special committees include

Senate Committee to revise the Faculty Handbook
Marian Moffett, Chair
Members include: Mary Albrecht, Michael Combs (ex-officio), William Dunne, Clark Garland, Bob Glenn, Katherine Greenberg, John Haas, Peter Hoyng, Benita Howell, David Patterson, Charles Reynolds, Beauvais Lyons, Joe Trahern, and Jon Coddington.

Senate Committee on Non-Tenured Faculty
Alan Chesney, Chair
Members include: Don Cox, John Haas, Ray Hamilton, Marva Rudolph, Don Scroggins, Dolly Young, Penny Tschantz, Jenny Fowler, Amadou Sall, Denise Harvey, Lou Gross, David Patterson, and Fred Weber.

Senate Committee on Equity and Diversity
David Patterson, Chair
Membership to be recommended by chair 2002

Senate Retreat Planning Committee
Kathy Greenberg, Chair
Members include: Beauvais Lyons, Mike Combs, Wes Morgan, Candace White, David Patterson, and Peggy Pierce

Bylaws Committee (B. Lyons)
Lyons briefly reviewed proposed changes, statements of which were distributed at the meeting. They will be presented at the September meeting and voted on at the October meeting. There was no discussion.


Combs called attention to the announcements listed in the agenda.

The meeting adjourned at 5:11 p.m.


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