Budget Committee Meeting
April 21, 2003

prepared by Lou Gross

Members Present: Lou Gross (Chair), Beauvais Lyons, Greg Reed, Tom Davies, Barbara Dewey, Kathy Greenberg.
Members Absent: Sylvia Davis, Phil Scheurer.

Report from Lou Gross:
Budget hearings for non-academic programs (Athletics, IT, Research, Operations). These have not happened, and it is questionable if they will take place. We have been told there will be written reports, and Lou will forward them when we get them. There was some discussion of what the scope and location of the cuts.
Report from Kathy Greenberg:
There will be a copy of the new Summer School Policy written by the Summer School Task Force in the packet for the April 28th meeting. There will be cap of $7,000/course with exceptions. They have tightened up the requirements to go over the cap. Greg made the case that some fraction of registration fees would be retained by the units and let them manage the course budget. It is not clear if there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the policy at the senate meeting.
New Business:
  1. Resolution of Academic Program Cuts submitted by Beauvais Lyons The open forum held by the Provost of April 16th was discussed. A resolution was distributed affirming the role of faculty in deciding academic program cuts. The motion passed unanimously. Beauvais will contact the Provost to determine if there is any merit to rumors that Planning's Graduate program is being shut down.

    Resolution passed unanimously by the Faculty Senate Budget Committee, April 21, 2003:
    Whereas the Provost Crabtree has affirmed his support for shared governance, asserting that "administrators must make every effort to involve faculty at critical stages of the decision making process," and

    Whereas the UTK Faculty Handbook (section 2.14.3) Procedures for Revocation of Tenure, part 3 states that "'[e]xtraordinary circumstances' may involve either (a) financial exigency or (b) major program discontinuations. In either case the termination of tenured faculty may take place only after sustained deliberation and discussion of the exigency or of the program change. Such deliberations and discussions must include the faculty of the University through appropriate committees of the Faculty Senate, of the college, and of the department involved."

    Whereas, Provost Crabtree affirmed the importance of upholding both the Faculty Handbook and AAUP principles regarding discontinuation of academic programs.

    Therefore, be it resolved that the UTK Faculty Senate support the Provost in working to ensure the University of Tennessee comply with both the Faculty Handbook and the AAUP Policy Statement on the Discontinuance of Program or Department Not Mandated by Financial Exigency when implementing any future academic program cuts.
    Web links related to the resolution:
  2. Unfinished Business for 2003-2004

  3. Election of a New Chair
    Lou Gross was nominated, seconded, and elected to server as Budget Committee chair in 2003-2004. Greg Reed will serve as acting chair when/if Lou is gone in the Spring.
Open Discussion:
There was concern expressed about the absence of S. Davis and P. Scheurer attending the meetings. It was hoped that as the Chancellor position is solidified, we will have regular participation by key administrative officers.
Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

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