Michael Nash, Ph.D., ABPP

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
University of Tennessee
Clinical Psychologist
101 Westwood Road
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone: 865-386-7435


My interests include psychodynamic therapy, the interface of literature with science and practice, the elements of change in psychotherapy, hypnosis, and how therapy skills can best be acquired by trainees. In addition I have abiding interests in human memory, forensic psychology, suggestion, and the neural substrate of consciousness. I direct the ongoing case-based psychotherapy outcome research project carried-out in our lab. This research tracks change in individual patients throughout the course of therapy, enabling us to discern whether the therapy is working, when it is working, and sometimes why. I teach the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course and the Research Design course.  Over the past five years we have collaborated with the MFA Acting program, exploaring the common training ground for our clinical students and their MFA acting students alike. My students can train with Acting faculty to explore the relationship between character, movement, and emotion, and to learn something about themselves. In turn, Acting faculty/students join us to learn how defenses are bundled into character, how the emotional interior announes itself in therapy, and how it is obscured. This has been an exciting and seminal cross-disciplinary collaboration. This work has already generated exciting research spin-offs.




Mike Finn (2nd 2nd yr. grad student) on Freud's actual couch in London


The Team

The Research

The Psychodynamic Processes And Psychotherapy Laboratory uses empirical methods in a psychoanalytically informed manner to examine clinically relevant questions about psychopathology, unconscious processes, psychotherapy, and personality.

The Practice

I recently moved to a new office for my private practice. I am now located at:

101 Westwood Road
Knoxville TN, 37919