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Political Science Department

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Courses Taught

POLS 311 Contemporary Issues in American Public Policy Selected public policy issues confronting the nation, including the background, nature, and effects of present policies, and options for the future. Writing-emphasis course. (Syllabus)

POLS 340 Introduction to Public Administration and Public Policy Public agencies, their organization, personnel, financial management, and administrative responsibility. The policy-making process and political environment. (Syllabus)

POLS 512 Quantitative Political Analysis Methods and techniques in quantitative political analysis: univariate and bivariate statistics. (Syllabus)

POLS 514 Research Design and Methodology in Public Administration Basic assumptions and techniques of research in public administration; measurement, analysis, and reporting of data. (Syllabus)

POLS 556 Policy Analysis Strategies and techniques for identification and analysis of public problems and policy solutions. (Syllabus)

POLS 558 The Politics of Admnistration Examination of public administration in context of American political system, policy making and political roles of public administrators and agencies. (Syllabus)

POLS 654 Contemporary Public Policies Problems in one or more public policy areas from political and administrative perspectives. Topics selected by instructor. (Syllabus)

POLS 660 Contemporary Perspectives on Public Administration Development of theory in public administration: contemporary critiques and alternatives.(Syllabus)

FYS 129 American Public Policy on TV What are the arguments on competing sides of policy debates? Who are the official and unofficial policy actors in government? Episodes of the television series The West Wing are to illustrate contemporary controversies over public policy.(Syllabus)