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Click on the committee name to go to the page that contains membership, schedule of meetings, reports, minutes, etc.



Athletics Peggy Pierce
Budget Louis Gross

Beauvais Lyons
Acting Chair, Fall: Kathy Greenberg

Development and Alumni Relations Ann Fairhurst
Educational Policy Fred Weber
Graduate Council Majid Keyhani
Undergraduate Council to be elected
Instruction with Technology Subcommittee Fred Weber
Executive F. Michael Combs
Faculty Affairs David Patterson
Faculty & Staff Benefits Bonnie Ownley
International Education Sal DiMaria
Jim Gehlhar (co-chairs)
Legislative Candace White
Library Wesley Morgan
Nominating Carolyn Hodges
Professional Development Sara Williams
Research Council Doug Birdwell
Student Affairs Glenn Graber
Teaching Council Richard Strange

To see the information for Special Committees and Task Forces, click here.

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