[The following resolution was adopted by the UTK Faculty Senate on April 5, 1999.]

    Whereas, The revised "New Tenure Section for the Faculty Handbook" affirms the importance of academic freedom and of tenure, defines tenure as a presumption of continuous employment, and retains generally strong due process safeguards for adequate cause and misconduct procedures;

    Whereas, The revised section on tenure incorporates most of the changes recommended by the Senate and its committees in order to strengthen academic freedom and due process guarantees;

    Whereas, The revised section on tenure will incorporate by attachment in the revised Faculty Evaluation Manual the recommendations of the Research Council and the Teaching Council for conducting evaluations of research and teaching; and

    Whereas, A small number of faculty recommendations are not adopted in the revised section on tenure, usually because they conflict with the policy of the Board of Trustees;

    Resolved, That it is the judgment of the Faculty Senate that the new policies set out in the revised "New Tenure Section for the Faculty Handbook" can meet the goals of protecting basic principles of academic freedom and due process, identifying and rewarding exemplary faculty performance, and guaranteeing fair and consistent evaluation procedures for faculty among all units.

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