[The following report was adopted by the Faculty Senate on February 26, 1973.]

University Council

The purpose of the Council is to confer frequently and on a continuing basis on any question of university policy or any issue related to the welfare of the University and to make recommendations to the Faculty Senate, the Student Senate, and the Administration. This Council is a key element in providing effective communications among the three major components of the campus community.

The membership shall consist of
Administration: Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Vice Chancellor of Administration
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Vice Chancellor of Graduate Studies and Research
Two Deans or Directors
Faculty: Chairman of Faculty Senate
Vice Chairman of Faculty Senate
Secretary of Faculty Senate
Three elected faculty members from Faculty Senate
Student: President of Student Senate (or designate)
Chairperson of Academic Council (or designate)
President of Graduate Student Association (or designate)
Three students selected by the Student Senate
The presiding officer will be the Chancellor.

Meetings shall be held at least once per quarter or more often at the request of the Chancellor. Any three members of the Council may request a meeting. The Council may set its own rules for calling additional meetings and may determine its own method of operation.

The Council shall report regularly to the Faculty Senate and to the Student Senate at their regular meetings through the members of the Council who are members of these bodies.

Approved by Faculty Senate
February 26, 1973

Approved by Student Senate
March 6, 1973

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