[The following resolution was adopted by the Faculty Senate on October 18, 1999.]

Whereas, Recent news stories about academic integrity among student athletes at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, have mentioned frequently the name of Professor Linda Bensel-Meyers; and

Whereas, Readers of those news stories may be unaware that Professor Bensel-Meyers

  • Earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Oregon
  • Joined the UTK faculty in 1986
  • Has for 10 years been director of the Freshman English program
  • Supervises 110 instructors teaching 4000 students each year
  • Teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Has served on more than a dozen doctoral committees
  • Has won many awards for teaching, including the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1993
  • Has served as co-chair of the Teaching Council of the Faculty Senate
  • Is currently chair of the Senate's Educational Policy Committee which has the considerable responsibility to oversee the establishment and implementation of the curricular and instructional goals of the University
  • Is the author of a standard textbook on the teaching of writing
  • Has published a well-regarded body of research
  • Has a national reputation in her field
  • Has made several presentations of her work--which has a special emphasis on the ethical commitments of teachers and students--at regional, national and international meetings;

    Resolved, That Professor Linda Bensel-Meyers has consistently upheld the highest ideals of the profession, including excellence in teaching, advancement of knowledge, and academic integrity;

    2. That the Faculty Senate is proud to claim Professor Bensel-Meyers as a colleague and we commend her consistent efforts to share our ideals with students at the University.

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