[The following resolution was adopted by the UTK Faculty Senate on January 19, 1988.]

   Whereas consequent to the actions of the Board of Trustees Presidential Search Committee during the week beginning Monday, January 11, 1988, the UTK Faculty Senate met in extraordinary session on January 19;
   and whereas the Senate recognizes the importance of clearly distinguishing between the process of presidential selection, and the worth of any individual candidate eventually selected;
   and whereas the Senate is particularly distressed at the decision of the Search Committee to abandon due process, and at its failure to solicit faculty opinion concerning any of the candidates, and its failure to even provide the faculty, or the faculty members or other members of the Search Advisory Committee with the information necessary for them to form a reasoned opinion, let alone transmit an opinion to the Board;
   be it resolved that the President of the Senate is instructed to communicate to the Board its strong disapproval of the surrender of reasoned and well defined process for presidential selection; and its equally strong disapproval that the Board has usurped the role of the faculty in this important matter (see page 18, UT Faculty Handbook, January 1987 Edition).
   and be it further resolved that the President of the Senate be instructed to encourage the new President of the University and the Board of Trustees to soon engage in discussions leading to the formulation of a new and carefully safeguarded policy for presidential selection which includes proper regard for faculty input to future presidential searches and appointments.

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