January 19, 1976

TO: Dr. Ronald Fraser, President
Faculty Senate
FROM: Jack E. Reese

I have just received the enclosed report of the ad hoc Committee on Policies and Procedures for Safety and Security. Since this group was appointed as a result of conversations between the Executive Committee of the Senate and myself, I should like to convey the report to the Senate through the Executive Committee. I do so with the following comments:

I am grateful to the members of the ad hoc committee for the extensive time and effort which they have devoted to this project and for their conscientiousness, thoroughness, and sincerity. Their recommendations will help the Department of Safety and Security carry out its mission of protecting people and property on this campus without infringing upon the academic and legal rights of faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

I intend to instruct the Department of Safety and Security to implement the recommendations contained in the report. Specifically, the recommendations should be included in the handbook on operating procedures which has lately been under revision in the Department. I should also like to ask the members of the ad hoc committee to review the procedures arising from this report which the Department codifies for inclusion in that handbook. I am reluctant to impose further on the members' time and energy, but their knowledge of the issues makes them inevitable candidates for the task of aiding the Department lay out reasonable procedures and safeguards.

The report apparently refers to me a question (p. 11) on which the committee could not reach consensus, whether or not "open" surveillance (i.e., unconcealed cameras, tape-recorders, note-taking) at group activities is appropriate. My response is that such surveillance should never take place unless criminal activity is actually occurring or is being specifically and clearly encouraged and may take place. The definition of the latter of these two situations requires the most careful judgment and should require the approval of appropriate administrative officials outside the Department.

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