[The following resolution was approved by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate on April 23, 2001.]

Resolution concerning
Privatization of Housekeeping Jobs in UT Residence Halls

Whereas, Faculty are concerned about the possible privatization of housekeeping services in the UT dormitories;

Whereas, Faculty are skeptical about the cost-benefits of outsourcing custodial services across campus to Service Solutions;

Whereas, Service Solutions has been unwilling to provide the Faculty Senate with data on its wage scale;

Resolved, That the Faculty Senate Executive Committee opposes further contracts with Service Solutions for outsourcing duties currently performed by UT employees until a thorough assessment of the cost-benefits of privatization can be made; and

Resolved, That the Faculty Senate Executive Committee reiterates our support for the March 5, 2001, Living Wage resolution and requests a written response from the UT administration concerning that resolution.

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